English Dialogue About Indonesian Local Culture

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Learning spoken English is great with topics related to our lives. Bellow is one example of English conversation between two people talking about culture: an etiquette. The more you use English, the more fluent your tongue is.

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Goreun: Feroin, if you see someone sitting beside the road or in front of his or her house, then you are waling passing them, bow down your body.
Feroin  : Is that a rule?
Goreun: That's not an official rule. That's our culture.
Feroin  : Is the culture like in Japan?
Goreun: Different. There may be little similarity.
Feroin  : Was it inherited by Japanese people when they colonized this country?
Goreun: I don't think so. But, I don't think you're wrong. If this culture inherited by Japanese people, it should be the same. But, we're different.
Feroin  : Most people like to bow their body when they meet someone, especially new comer like me, right?.

Goreun: Yeah. We tend to give respect to new comers.
Feroin  : They look so proud of themselves when they have friends from other city or other country.
Goreun: You're right. As though they have won a big match.
Feroin  : Yeah. Many people invite me to their houses and all of them want me to eat at their house.

Goreun: You must eat.
Feroin  : What if 20 people invite me in a day?
Goreun: Haahahaaa...

Feroin  : I have only this a tiny stomach.
Goreun: You can eat little by little.
Feroin  : I remember the first of my arrival, I just eat dinner at your house sometimes.
Goreun: All of us feel like a family, because we have one grandma and grandpa.
Feroin  : It's a really big family.
Goreun: Yeah.
Feroin  : And, I think they served me special foods, more special than what they eat, right?
Goreun: They want to be respected by their guest, because it's hard to get respect from neighbor.
Feroin  : I see. I should learn more how to behave here.

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