Buto Cave Is A Heritage Site Of Budha

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Buto Cave is one of the great heritage sites in Indonesia. It's located in East Java (Java Island), exactly in Jireg village, Cermee, in Bondowoso regency. This site belongs to Budha. Unfortunately, because of the location which is too difficult to reach, there are only few people know about this site.

Buto Cave is located in a hilly area in the eastern part of Bondowoso, near the main street from Bondowoso to Situbondo. The distance from Cermee to the Jireg village is about 30 kilometers away through the road around Sengon and Jati forest. It's a winding road with a lot of turns. But it's only to the Jireg village, not to the cave. To reach the cave visitors must walk on foot through the footpath on the slope about 200 kilometers away.

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There are three parts of this cave. One is on the right side of the footpath with a head carved (Buto) at the cave. Another part is on the left side of footpath with a Punden, bull, and lotus flower carved. Under the Punden carved there is a spring.
Around those parts there are a lot of flowers and sesajen (Material for ritual). This site found in 1980 and predicted has been 800 years old.

Buto is Giant. It's Madura language, a local language used in Bondowoso.

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