5 Tips To Improve Your English Listening Skill

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English listening skill mostly becomes a very difficult one to master, especially, for non English speaking country. Research said that Japanese people are so difficult to listen to what English speaker said. I am also an Asian, Indonesia. I have learned English since early age, but lack contact with English native speakers. It was in 2012 I found the way, listening and practicing listening and speaking online through video and social media. Now I can hear English native speakers clearly (not 100%). Bellow is the list of tips to improve your English listening skill.

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Adaptation and get familiarThe first way to improve your English listening skill is adaptation. You need to adapt to English sound as it is different from the sound of your own language. You have already been familiar with the sound of your own language, and now you want to hear another language sound. It is strange to your ear. Adaptation process can help it.

To get familiar with English sound, you can listen to English dialogue, English conversation, or English news. Let it run though you don’t pay attention on it. It is just to make your ear familiar with it.

Listen to Video with subtitle
By watching videos, you can guess what the speakers talking about through the picture. It can be conversation video, movie, or news, etc. The better, you can read the subtitle of the video. Find the slow motion video like VOA Learning English. Find it on YouTube. Listen to many times for one video, so you can get familiar with it soon.

Listening to music or watching movie
It is a fun way to improve your English listening skill. You can get familiar soon if do the exercise with fun. However, you need to consider, listening to music is just to make you familiar with the sound. It means you may not be able to understand lots of conversation as music is lack topics and lack of vocabulary. Watching is great as you can get in touch with daily life of English.

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Listen to American English 
American English is clearer than British English. They also use simple English. Thus, it is good to train your listening skill by listening to American conversation. Most English movies are American movie.

Don’t listen word by word
Beginners English learning tends to listen to word by word to catch what the speaker said. However, listening to someone who talk with you doesn’t mean listening to every word they uttered, but listening is to understand what they are talking about.

Those are 5 tips to improve your English listening skill. Don’t forget to keep in touch with English. The more practice you do, the more familiar you are and the more vocabulary you get.

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  1. I think speaking a language is as important as writing it, or in whatever you do, do your best. Although it may take time to perfect speaking English, it is best to try it without the "bahala na" way of thinking.

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    1. You're right. Speaking and writing are the active skills. Both are they way to present idea. However, listening and reading skill cannot be neglected as in communication we use all skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.