5 Things Cause College Students Stress

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College students are so familiar with stress. Stress is likely one of their best friends. Most college students are not living with parents anymore. They are not kids anymore. They should live independently. It means, they start living a new life and need to acculturate. The process may not be easy and sometimes lead to stress. Bellow is the list of things which usually cause college students stress.

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Assignment is one of those which cause college students stress, especially, assignments which are given by a “killer lecturer”. A killer lecturer is s/he who lack of tolerance. Whereas, the assignments may not be easy for the students.

Time is a problem most people have, including college students. College students are still young, but they should prepare for the professional life. Their soul in this transition fluctuates. They are not skilled in managing time. They do not control their own lives as they are studying at university or college. They have schedules to follow, whereas, they also have their own schedule to have fun.

Competition of college students is not only for their study, but love and career are also something they want to win. They will be so envious seeing friends with great success, with beautiful or handsome spouse. Only college students who can define their priority will less stress. They just focus on the competition in their priority field.

It is not a problem for rich college students. However, it doesn’t mean all rich college students can avoid this problem. They are unskilled to manage money; they may be affected by new friends to waste their money. Whereas, they need lots of money for their study. When they found themselves are broke, they get stressed.

Most College students realize that join an organization is a great way to succeed in future. They will get a lot of experiences and lots of relations which are important for their career in the future. However, an organization is the unity of many people with different characters. It is possible for them to have lots of problems.

Those are five things which usually cause college students stress. It is suggested for college students to always share each other how to heal their stress and everything related to their life as college students.

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