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A lot of problems in education: Teachers leave their job, over scheduled students and teachers, jobless after graduation, low teacher salary, etc. I have just read news about a crime. 22 years old man and ER or Paijo, 17 years old students of senior high school committed the crime. In my point of view, it is educational problem. It is moral degradation. It is the degradation of education quality.

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Faqih Amrulloh or Ketel, 22 years old, the suspect of murder in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 25th December 2014 told police that he was sick of his parents treating him differently from his siblings. He is the second son of six siblings.

Faqih is working as a labor after he graduated from junior high school. That night he came to ER's house . Both drank alcohol then rode a motor cycle. ER as rider, Faqih held the weapon (sword). Then Faqih attacked everyone he met on the road. This action killed one person (Nailul Mazda Azzajid Ahmad,18 years old, student of Islamic school) and wounded 4 people.

Next interrogation, Faqih told police that he made a Gang to take revenge against another gang which was supposed to be in Depok, Sleman (harianJogja, Selasa, 13 Januari 2015 14:40 WIB).

Although Faqih told police that his action was retaliation against another gang, but his bad character, bad behavior, etiquette, are built by parents and teachers in his early age, social effects too. This crime was not only retaliation, but also affected by suspect education background. The gang can exist in the region is a proof of lack control of the government. Studies indicate that poor education increase criminals.
  • Research indicates that about 75 percent of America's state prison inmates, almost 59 percent of federal inmates, and 69 percent of jail inmates did not complete high school. Increasing the graduation rate and college matriculation of male students by only 5 percent could lead to combined savings and revenue of almost $8 billion each year.
  • A ten percent increase in the male graduation rate would reduce murder and assault arrest rates by about 20 percent, motor vehicle theft by 13 percent, and arson by 8 percent.
  • State prison inmates without a high school diploma and those with a GED were more likely to be repeat offenders than those with a diploma.
  • Pennsylvania spends about $2.6 billion on prisons and jails annually; in Pennsylvania, the average annual cost of incarcerating an individual is about $32,000 while the average annual cost to educate a student is about $9,500.
  • Increasing the high school completion rate by just 1 percent for all men ages 20-60 would save the U.S. up to $1.4 billion per year in reduced costs from crime.
  • Preschool programs create economic benefits–including reduced costs of crime, drug use and teen parenting–that range as high as $7 for each dollar invested.
  • A one-year increase in average years of schooling for dropouts would reduce murder and assault by almost 30 percent, motor vehicle theft by 20 percent, arson by 13 percent, and burglary and larceny by about 6 percent.
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A lot of problems in education and government alone cannot solve. Every country has their own educational problems. A lot of youth cannot access education. Many schools with unqualified teachers. Many teachers with low income. However, most parents send their children to schools and hope schools can change the lives of them when they graduate. Most parents seem do not have any responsibility to educate their children. The reason is they work a long hours. They have no time. They pay tuition and hand over the responsibility to schools. While most teachers also seem to be not 100% responsible for the students. They work for certain schedules at schools.

Who really cares about generations?

NGOs in many countries have a big role solving problems in education. Most people who join such organization are having much love, care, spirit, responsibility, patience, and dreams. Many NGOs carry out a great effort in developing nations. Read Innovative NGOs in Education on (http://ironline. american. edu/ten-innovative-ngos-in-education/) and 5 Indian NGOs Working Toward Education Equality on (http:// foradian. com/5-indian-ngos-working-toward-education-equality/). They do great stuff because of the will in their heart, because of dream and hope. Love, caring, feeling of responsibility, and spirit make them want to carry out such great stuffs.

If I were a parent, I put a little hope upon government and formal school teachers. I am not sure both can improve the quality of education today. Too many problems burden their backs. I see both are workers who work for money, for money, money (Not 100%). Many of them just doing what should they do. No responsibility after work. As many parents here, my parents and I choose religious schools for my younger brother and sisters. The teachers are not only teaching for money, but obliged by God as they have knowledge. In our religion, Islam, it is forbidden not to share knowledge.

I have ever visited a free elementary school. No salary for the teachers. All of the students' parents were not having proper job. They were beggars and searching stuff in rubbish bin. The students do not come to school every day as they should help their parents. Such children cannot study in formal schools. What they would like to be without any education?

Last two years I was teaching in a school run by NGO. This school established after most members of the organization want their children study in a school which is different from common schools. They considered the lack of moral teaching in public schools. Most of them are rich people and businesspersons. They have enough money to build and run school.

I saw the spirit of the teachers. We worked for God, not for money. We just took for our main daily needs. Even the director did not own any car, just motor cycle. We had regular meeting to improve our teaching skill, to discuss the problems to solve, and to increase the progress. This school also supported by NGO in Kuwait. There are also some NGOs support education for orphans.

We see how strong ISIS is. We see how strong radical community. How spirit they are. Even to die, they will. Unfortunately, their spirit is to carry out such action. What if most public school teachers have such spirit?

Which educations can reduce criminal activities: That's run by government or that's run by NGOs? Better we all work together.

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