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Reading story is fun. Learning English through fiction books is a great idea. You can enjoy and improve your English. But, it will be more fun and challenged if you try to write too. It is not impossible you can write fiction book like Harry Potter. Nothing is impossible. Some English learners have tried writing story with English. However, there is one habit considered not good. Most of them to often write "He said, she said, they said," when writing direct speech. For instance, "What a messy room it is," she said. "You should be on time!" he said. What a boring word that is.

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There are certain verbs called vocal verb to describe expressions. Bellow the list.

Remark : Say as a comment; mention

1) Say Suddenly

- "It's easy. We can do it tomorrow,"she blurted out the answer. She didn't know it was a serious question.
- He gasped in reaction to the discussion.
- Indra snapped a quick response to my question.

2) Provide Advice / Opinion

- My father cautioned me to be careful. "Don't drive too fast," he cautioned.
- She observed her students that the exercise was difficult. "Learn more for the exam," she observed.
- "Please don't be noisy," he warned.

3) Say Loudly

- "Yes, I am here," he shouted out.
- "Ahhhh....!! Hot, hot, hot..!" she screamed.
- "I must be dreaming," she cried out.

4) Say Softly


- "Maybe, " he mumbled his responses.
- "I don't like it. He mustn't do it. That's not good," she muttered so badly.
- "Oh my God! It's so painful," he moaned.

groan, moan, mumble, mutter, are often used as a complaint.

5) Say with Authority / Command


- "The exam is next week," she announced.
- "I must vote," she asserted her rights.
- "Get out away of here!" He ordered the protesters.

With those vocal verbs, your story will be more wonderful and not boring. Now try to write story with those vocal verb. But, not all direct speech need vocal verb. Let it alone if you think the reader know who is speaking.

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