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Education Subreddit: My eyes got stuck on a title of article. I supposed that I was the one mentioned in that article, and I was right. It is about problem in Education. I quoted bellow some major problems mentioned in that article.

Title: Why half of the nation’s new teachers can’t leave the profession fast enough
Writer: Kathleen Jasper, on December 29, 2014

The teachers I asked did have other reasons for leaving, but those reasons can be indirectly or even directly related to inadequate leadership.  For example, a number of teachers said, “little to no planning time and being assigned the most challenging classes and students.” This happens all the time. New teachers are thrust into the most challenging situations the first year – remedial, intensive classes that tend to have the toughest behavior issues. The classes teachers teach and how much planning time they get is decided by the leaders in the building.*
Teachers’ responsibility is not training themselves

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 The teachers get challenges. It can make them greater. I heard a lot of senior teachers said it. I think it is confusing. The question is “Who needs training?” Teachers have been studying in university for three or four years. Should they get any training again? And, what about the effectiveness of the school program! Isn’t it more important than giving the new teachers challenge? My lecturer told me that new teachers usually become victims of senior teachers’ laziness. Senior teachers have been closed to the leader, even some leaders looks doesn’t have any authority on them. Thus, the lazy senior teachers and the leader put much burden on new teachers. “Be patient, it will make you greater teacher later,” she said. It sucks. She thought it was normal. But, I didn’t think so. In my point of view, this is one problem which decreases the quality of education.

Teachers need additional training to upgrade their skills that they got from college or university, but must be in appropriate time and place. When teachers teaching (Working) at schools or other educational institutions, their major responsibility is not to train themselves, and what need to be considered by the institution is not the teachers’ progress, but the success of the students.

Talking about students’ success, what we need to provide is the best program and the best teachers to carry out that program. In this moment, no need to give new teachers any training, no need to think about their progress. Everybody should focus on the effort to make the program successful. Assign everybody in the field that they are really good in.

In my country Indonesia, new teachers who are unprofessional usually assigned in the remote area. They teach students who need special treatment and lack educational equipments. While the great teachers are assigned in the big city and teaching great students with complete and sophisticated educational equipments. My lecturer said in statistic class, “Most teachers who teach in great schools are not professional. Most students in such schools having additional classes like private classes, they have private libraries, they parents are well-educated. They are great without coming to school."

Poor Teachers Salary

I quote this paragraph from that article:
When I asked one teacher why he thought so many leave the profession, he said, “I have to work two jobs because my teacher pay is so poor. So, I work retail on nights and weekends. The funny thing is, my managers in retail are better leaders than those in my district.”*
When I was in elementary school, one teacher raise ducks and herded them in the morning and afternoon. He order two or more students to help him herded the ducks on rice fields. They did not go to class. Some teachers also did affiliate businesses.

Islamic school was different. No need to talk about money at school. Based on teachers’ belief, teachers did not need money, but only reward from God. Therefore, in Islamic school--usually held in the afternoon, evening and after pray Fajar--there was no salary for teachers.

The problem is that those teachers also human who have the same need as other people. As teachers they need to upgrade their knowledge, they need books, they need money for internet access, etc. As parent they need to fulfill their children’s need. They educate children (Students) in school while the students’ parent making money as much as they want. Teachers also want it. Only sincere teachers want to live with such poor salary.

Teachers Communities talk about money much while businesspersons care about students.

When I was a new student of pedagogy program, I was thinking that teachers community was great community which only great teachers in. However, I was shocked when got in touch with some teacher communities. They help each other to get their right (Money). Just few of them discuss about how to teach students well.

It is the effect of that poor salary. While in the contrary, I found different. Some people in business community who are every day engaging with money, but they also talk about education. One friend asked me, “Do you know any poor school? I want to donate some money.”

Teachers’ authority
Another response, “I could talk forever about this. But to keep it short….teachers quit because we have all the responsibility and little or no authority in the classroom. Administrators don’t support teachers and often don’t trust our judgment as professionals. It’s very hard to stay at a job where you are not supported, appreciated or trusted. Add disrespectful students and parents, and it becomes a daily battle to go to work."*
Teachers are under pressure. They have knowledge to transfer to the students, they have knowledge and aware how to teach the students, they have much love to care about the students. However, they must work based on the curriculum assigned by the government. Does that curriculum meet the students need? My great Mathematics teacher in vocational school said in class, “I really want to teach you perfectly as I know you need more treatment, but I have no time. The schedule is not enough.”

Nowadays, I see many students go to private class after school. They are studying along the day. The purpose is to meet what the government required. They score should reach at least 7 or 8 or 9 or 10. Real teachers know what students really need.

Early age is the gold moment to educate children. “There’s no such delicious food, but cooked by Mom. There’s no better education than what held by Mom and Dad.” Busy parent may have no much time to educate their children, but they can make that little time so great. Great parent can make their children good learners. Good learners are immune of being in bad education system. 

* http:// conversationed. com/2014/12/29/the-reason-50-of-new-teachers-are-leaving-the-profession-isnt-complicated/

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