The Dialogue Between Cloud and Sun

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Role Play Dialogue Cloud and Sun

Cloud: What a poor boy he is.

Sun   : Hey, what are you doing? Move...!!

Cloud: Just a moment, Sun.

Sun   : Many people dry their clothes.

Cloud: Don't be hot temper.

Sun   : Yes, I am hot. People need my heat.

Cloud: (Laugh in heart)

Sun   : Move...!!

Cloud: This little boy will suffer your heat.

Sun   : No he doesn't. Come on, move..!!

Cloud: A moment, Guy.

Sun   : Many people will blame you...!!

Cloud: They will blame you because you hide behind me.

Sun   : So...!! Move away...!! Don't cover me..!!

Cloud: Okay, finish. This boy has got under the tree.

Wind : (Smiling)

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