Private Teachers and Public School Teachers' Cooperations

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It is common in some countries parent send their children to private institutions to get additional training whether to get better score in public school or for test preparations. Considering the students, it looks good as they get additional training. In my country, such students study at school since morning up to 1 or 2 pm. Then they do not back home, but continue to private class up to 4 or 5 pm, some times up to evening.

Don't those children get stress? Some of them enjoy it as they get reward from parent and school teachers. They are being praised as their test scores increase. Some students do not really want it, but they do it because the parent want it. Parent don't want their neighbor see their children get low score at school. The teachers also want it as they don't want other schools or society see their students get low score and the school considered not successful.

Considering both school teachers and private teachers' cooperation, I found some outraged things. My brother's boss once asked me to promote his private class to public schools. He will share the profit with me and the school. What should I do is telling the public school teachers that that private class was good or the best one. Was that private class really good? I was not sure. But, for someone included school teachers who really need money will take that job. Moreover, in fact fact, teachers waged low.

Other friend told me great strategy to get success being private teachers (It looks great). He got it from his friends who had been private teachers longer and succeeded. "Ask the school teachers to give higher score their students who take private class to you...!" Do you think it is such great idea? Yeah, it is great idea to earn much money. There are also some private schools sold key answers of National Test. It is fantastic. From where they got it? Does government also join this business?

For students and society, it is a big problem. The students are forced to reach the national or international standard. They are competing to pass the test and get high score. What about their social awareness and social skills? They learn to pass the test much more.

I also consider the quality of the teachers, especially the public school teachers. They have graduated from universities, they have taken pedagogy training program for three or four years. What is wrong with pedagogy program which produce out put such teachers? Or is this the fault of government who wage them low?

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