How To Motivate Students

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Motivation is vital for student to get success in learning. How worth the lesson the teacher gives to them, without motivation, will be useless. “Experience is the best teacher,” it is true. The students learn more through their experience than from the teacher. Thus, teachers need to encourage the students; teachers should motivate them to be active in class. Motivating students is one teachers’ obligation. Therefore, teachers need to learn how to motivate students. They need to evaluate the students’ motivations of learning. Teachers need to evaluate the method they teach the students.

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Here are some ideas how to motivate students:

1) Self motivation

Teachers need to motivate themselves before motivate the students. It is important. Teachers should love their jobs, they should love teaching, and love to be with students. If the teachers do not like their job and not motivated to teach, the students can catch the negative aura and the class become full of negative sense.

2) Recognize your students

Teachers are great ones for the students. They feel to be honored when the teachers called their name, they fell to be cared of when the teachers know their personal matter. Yeah, teachers should know what the job of their parents, how their lives are. Teachers should know what type of shoes their students wear. If you are such teachers, your students will regard you as their parent. They will regard you as the one who really care of them, and in return they will follow you and like learning with you.

3) Conducting diverse activities in class room

Teachers need to prepare what activity will be conducted in class, what method will be used which are appropriate with the subjects and the students’ characters. Using the same method all the time can make the students bored. It will decrease their motivations to study. Teachers can use diverse media, or conducting role play, discussion, problem solving, etc.

Prepare more than one activity and method, sometimes the condition of the students doesn’t match with it. If you only prepare one only, your class will be boring and doesn’t run well.

4) Make the activity students-centered

Students like to be active in class. As like when they are out side, they play with friends even without any control of time. It is the nature of children. They don't like to be passive. Thus, making them as the players who run the activity of the class is one good idea. The teachers as manager of the class activity. The more active they are, the more activities they do, and the more experiences they have.

Teachers should arrange carefully what activity will be conducted. Set the duration and consider the goal of the activity, and make sure it is suitable with the students' characters and condition.

5) Give them challenge

Students like challenge. Some students look like that they do not like any challenge, but there is reasonsn behind it. They maybe afraid to fail. They may be lake confident. Thus, the teacher needs to solve it. Doing activity that can be done easily, or has been so familiar with them, will make them bored. So, teachers need to lift up the grade by giving them challenge. However, make sure the challenge is suitable to them and give them progress. It's not to difficult for them. They will give up if to many of them can not solve the challenge. Then, the motivation is failed.

6) Give reward of every success

Every success is worthy. One success one thumb, how little it is. No success is trivial. I have ever read a story, it was being told by a young man. He used to sleep at the mosque (Place for praying for Mmuslim). It means, this boy like conducting religious ritual, right? One day the Prophet (PBUH) came over him and said, "You're the greatest boy in this world, if you perform midnight prayer." The boy told, "Since that, I always perform midnight prayer as being motivated to be greatest boy."

Teachers need to praise every success the students achieved, though just saying, "Good job...!! Great...!!", etc. If they fail, don't discourage them. Smile at them and assure them that there is still much time to try again.

7) Be the one among them (Involve in the activity)

Some students maybe shy to do activity with the teacher, but it depends on the teacher. They feel to be honored if the teacher want to be among of them. They like to do activity with the teacher. Being among of them will make the teacher can control and evaluate the activity easily. The teacher can encourage some unmotivated students directly. The teacher can also prevent some violent aggressive.

8) Motivation instruments

Teachers can use motivational quotes for students, or motivational speeches for students, or motivational stories for students, or motivational videos for students. Those tools can be used in class in motivating students.

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