How To Handle Students Fighting In Class

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Your students are fighting in class, does it drive you crazy? If you are a new teacher, I can imagine your expression dealing with it. I have once experience in junior high school, second grade. There was one dominant student in that class. He used to trouble the others. And, there was one smallest student: short and thin. He usually became victims of others. The dominant one took off his belt and beat the smallest one. I was conducting teaching practice in that school when I was a student of pedagogy program.  I was so confused at that time. I have no full authority in that class as I was only conducting teaching training. Finally, I informed it to the teacher. Then, she came to the class and tweaked the dominant student’s ear. I was breathing, wondering, “Is that okay for the teacher doing it?”

In 2012 I was teaching in another junior high school. It was an Islamic school. The students were polite and pious. However, there were some new students were not. Once, when I was coming to the class, I saw one student grumbling with tears at his both eyes. Suddenly, he threw a stone to another student. It was a big stone. Unfortunately, everybody was safe of it.

As a teacher, you should have some technique for breaking up your students who fight in class, especially, if you handle the class with active students. In such class fighting possibly happens more often.

Here are some suggestions to handle it:

  • When you come to the class, make sure that there is no any weapon and other harm tool. I have ever caught my student brought a knife to the class. Though he was not an aggressive student, but I took it.
  • Quickly take action to stop aggression. Don’t wait it becomes violent aggression which you can’t handle. It’s easier to handle small aggression, right? Deal with it now..! Don’t wait later. If you let them doing aggression, they will think that it is okay to do. Show them that violent aggression is not good.
  • Don’t ask them who is wrong. Once I visit a kindergarten. When I was at the office, there were two students play together in front of classroom. I didn’t know how one of them was suddenly crying. A teacher came over them and asked “Who is wrong?!” Then the kid cried louder. The teacher at the office got out and took him, “No problem.” She carried the kid to the office and put him on her lap. The kid stopped crying then.
  • Make some mental notes of your students, so you know which students are bad tempered and how to handle it. Review every incident.
Those are several tips how to handle fight in class. I will share more tips later. Different students need different ways to deal with.

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