Education Goal and Bullying At Workplace Issue

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A VitalSmarts report released earlier this week found that 96% of their respondents – out of 2,283 people – experienced workplace bullying. Psychology Today refers to the increase as ‘silent epidemic’. Since 2003, 26 states have introduced Happy Workplace bills to help eliminate bullying at work. Unfortunately, none of those laws have been enacted yet. http:// www. theguardian. com/money/us-money-blog/2014/jun/26/workplace-bullying-rise-research-shows

There are some types of bullying possibly happen at workplace: physical or psychological. The perpetrators can be bosses or co-workers. Bullying also perpetrated by gangs at workplace. I even found it in educational workplace. Teachers also have gang, Guys...!!
WBI national American studies show that the vast majority of perpetrators (72%) are bosses. Organizational support for managers trumps support for non-supervisory workers. (http:// www. workplacebullying. org/2013/06/04/2013-ip-f/).
Recent study showed that 96% of American employees experienced bullying. It is on the raise as mostly discounted or ignored often. Good news, French prohibits bullying at workplace. After all, I take  more concern on the education. Employees are human, not animal. It is only animals which act based on the punishment. Humans act based on their heart, their knowledge. Humans have moral. Humans have feeling. But, I hear a lot that working at factory means be a machine. It means, the boss treat the employee like machine. They should reach the target of the company. It is a great pressure.

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I have just read a thread on Facebook group, it was vacancy group of Jogja/Yogyakarta Province. There are more than 100 institutions of higher education in this region, thus this city earned its nickname "Kota pelajar" (The City Of Students). It is a great province of Indonesia, the special region which is governed by Sultan of Yogyakarta. The people are known as very polite, speak in soft and tender tone. In my point of view, it is almost impossible bullying exists in this region. But, it is a life. Life always changes.

The thread in that vacancy group was posted by an employee who has authority to recruit new employees to work at the company where he work. The thread is like this, "I don't understand why many young men and girls looking for job here. But when I gave them job, they took but only two days working at workplace, then they leaved it without telling me the reason. It embarrass me...!!" My concern is on the comments bellow. There was one commentator saying like this, "They couldn't stand the senior bullying." The next commentators approved it and added new info about this bullying. One commentator saying "No matter" with bullying "It will make me greater."

It was several months ago I joined that Facebook group as I was looking for job in this special region. And now I am here. Once a senior worker came over me, introduced himself and we have small chat while working. I told him that I was from East Java (A province in eastern part of Java Island). He said "East Java people usually speak roughly, loudly, and hardly." The next day another senior employee came over me too, and asked me the same thing. But, he was a little shocked and not believe that I was from East Java, "As I know, East Java people are rough, but you speak in soft. Are you serious, you're from East java?" I told him, every region has their own characters. Education builds those characters.

My Experience Getting Bullied

I experienced bullying in some workplace. The first time when I became volunteer as mechanic when I was second grade of vocational school. My classmate who was working with me doing it. He had more experiences working with machine, and I was not. Yesterday, I experienced little bullying by senior employee. He was resigned several years ago, but re-applied to this company. The leader of the team placed me as helper to work with this man. The machine was broken down and not working well, but it was the only machine the factory had in that division. He repaired it when the machine got stuck. I looked at his face sometimes, he looks sick of it. Then, I got the bully from him. This bullying is normal for me. He claimed me caused the trouble. "More strength...!!" he said. "Use two hand...!!" But later he said, "Slowly...!!"

I consider his psychological condition. He was not a well educated man, not well-trained. He didn't have any knowledge about psychology, about moral, he didn't know how good behavior was. He looked didn't care of them all. This factory also employs people who only graduate from elementary school, but mostly graduate from senior high school or vocational school. However, as I know, education system in my country has a lot of problems. That man bullied me as he need to express his anger of the broken machine or he wanted me work the way he wanted. I have met such people a lot. "It's impossible, Guys...!!" My heart said, "I will not do it. Guiding junior with smile is better. Every body needs other, yeah, I will need them one day later."

Most people with such bad characters or behaviors are hard worker with little income. Based on their culture bullying is free. They can't make any business relation. Mostly, when got in touch with such guys, they were inferior ones. The fact they are inferior, but they want to look superior. So they try to oppress other. They feel superior when they see their opponent get oppressed. I don't think it is a way to get success in life.

However, all the securities of this factory are great enough: So polite, so well trained in guiding, Easy-smiling. I knew it when I had just came there. All the security treated me like family.

Educational consideration

If it happens in a company which uneducated people can work, that is normal. But, it takes my concern because based on that thread it happens in a company which only people who graduate from high school can become employees. What were they studying in Elementary school, junior high school, and in senior high school? How did their teachers taught them? Should education to be blamed on workplace bullying issue? I take concern on Moral Education. We (humans in this planet) have program named Education. We have institutions named School, college, and other educational institutions. My country is known as the most populated Muslim country. There are a lot of Islamic schools and other Islamic institutions like Islamic boarding school, Musholla, etc.

However, the goal of education changes. We all know that life always changes, but it must change to be better. Education system become better, more generations can easily access it. When I was a child, only few people study in public school. I almost found no villagers go to school. However, it was a must for children to go to Madratsah (Islamic school). This school doesn't only provide religious subjects, but also culture, moral teaching, and social training. I remember one day someone told my Islamic teacher that one of my classmates behave with bad manner in social, then he got punished in classroom. The goal of such school is not money oriented. The goal of such school is only to make students become better in future: behave morally, pious, be responsible, care about others, and become long life learners. To be a worker doesn't need higher education, short training is enough.

Education doesn't only prepare students (Generation) to become employees, but the fact most school programs prepare students for it: just to work. It is fact. Parents send their children to school with consideration what job they will get later. "Why don't think if they become better and greater, they are getting closer to success"? The education in Indonesia, in this most populated Muslim country, also prepare the students to become employees. In Islam, all Muslims are obliged to study before they die, because Muslims must make their life better. The entire aspects of their lives must be better.

Why employees bully other employees, the simple answer is because they just know how to work and are not well trained how to behave with good manner in social. However, education is not only aspect makes bullying happen at workplace. There are other aspects to such as the policy, the rules, and the management of the company. The employees who work under pressure can be short tempered and possibly perpetrate bullying.

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