Romantic Story in A Song: Arjun

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Romantic story I find in this song makes me fall in love to this. It's been popular since I was a child, about 20 years ago. But, I didn't understand any romantic stories at that time. It was just view days ago I tried to listen to some traditional songs on YouTube. I hope to recall memory. But, I find something so expressive. The singers of this song are Yus Yunus and Iis Dahlia. The title is "Arjun", a name of a wanderer.

Here is the lyric.

Yus Yunus: 
mengapa dalam perjalanan cintaku
selalu ada yang merintangi
pada diriku yang hina

Why on the journey of my love there are always obstacles. I am the poor one.*

In this romantic story, he looks like being in a tough life. "there are always obstacles" he said. It means that his love was never successful. And, now he meets a beautiful girl again, and he finds obstacles too. "Why?" he looks so confused and hopeless to find the way.

However, she was not such girl likes he thinks. She is a great one. Her beauty is not only in her appearance, but it's glowing out of her heart. She convinces him, "There will be nothing more such a pointed sharp bamboo stabs your heart". She make sure that there's nothing will harm him. "I don't accept you're being insulted. You're great for me."  This statement makes the romantic story is getting more and more romantic. 

Iis Dahlia: 
takkan lagi ada satu
runcingnya bambu menusuk hatimu

karena aku tak terima engkau dihina

There will be nothing more such a pointed sharp bamboo stabs your heart because I don't accept you are being insulted.

He is not sure yet. He said that he is just a poor man. Everything he has is trivial. He is not the right man for her. 

Yus Yunus:
ooo... manis, biarkanlah aku
aku ini orang kecil

harus hitung-hitung kecil
pagi sore aku slalu menimbang diri
memang tak pantas bersanding denganmu

ooo... Honey, leave me. I am a poor one living with small thing (trivial). I am not the right man for you.

Iis Dahlia:

kucinta padamu kasih
pria idaman kucari
jangan pergi tinggalkan kusendiri

I love you. You are a great man I am looking for. Don't go to let me alone.

Again she convinces him with romantic statement. "You're great. I want to live with you. Don't let me alone." But, he tries to convinces her that he is really a poor man and not suitable for her. He even wants to give up, and think that being apart is the best solution. He explains about him, about his weaknesses, with long sentences, to convinces her that he is not suitable for her. He compares what he has: black garment and long stick in his hand. While she is a daughter of a rich family. She wears wonderful dress, she wears wonderful breaded shawl. He is just a wanderer.

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Yus Yunus:
sekuat apapun tulang di punggungmu
tak mungkin mampu membuntutiku
kita tak berdaya walau saling cinta
berpisah itu jalan yang utama

jubah hitam ini tongkat panjang ini
menjadi teman sependerita ku
kerudungmu yang cantik bersulam bermanik
tak mungkin bersatu dalam koperku

How strong you are, you'll not be able to follow me. We are powerless though loving each other. Being apart is the best solution.

This black garment and this long stick become friends of me in my miserable life. Your wonderful breaded shawl is impossible to be in my suitcase.

Iis Dahlia:
hai lelaki pengembarabiarkan ku ikut serta
matipun aku rela bagai rama dan sinta
se-iya dan sekata

Hi wander man, let me follow you. To die I will, (we're) like Rama and Shynta, agreeable.

Again she convinces him with short sentences but strong. "Even to die, I will be with you...!! We're like Rama and Shynta." She is pessimist. She is sure that their love will go on in paradise. She compares the story of her love with him will be like the romantic story in Epic Rama and Shinta.

*The English text of the lyric is not a proper translation. It's just my understanding about that song.

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