Thief Being Unlucky By Muscovy Duck, Horse, and Women Mystery

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Thief Stole Mr. Karimun's chickens

A thief stole 10 ducks and four chickens at Mr. Karimun's house last night. Many people were gathering, curious how the thief could get inside the house. They were asking each other and guessing the intelligent thief acted. "I didn't hear anything last night," one said. "Me too," replied the other. They presumed the thief used magic. They called it as "Sirap". This magical power can make everybody sleep longer.

It was not the first time. They said thieves have been familiar. When the night comes, the thieves take action. "My chickens were also stolen several months ago," said one among the crowd.

The village chief Mr. Umar came with his secretary. However, Mr. Karimun did not put much hope on him. Thieves have become an eternal problem without any powerful solution. Mr. Karimun had been more than 10 years become a reseller of Ducks and Chickens. He really knew that village chief and polices could do nothing to stop it.

Mr. Karimun was a new comer in that village. He lived there for three months after marrying Mrs. Yunia, a widow who became his wife now. Mrs. Yunia looked worried and restless. She was sitting in the living room. Mrs. Fatim and Mrs. Rokaya were beside her trying to calm her down.

thief, Muscovy Duck, Women Mystery

Entog and Horse Mystery

The people in Mr. Karimun neighborhood held a meeting, so do they in other neighborhoods of Karangan village. "We should raise entok as much as we can. Thieves afraid of entok. They will be unlucky if they steal it," said Mrs. Rokaya. "Entoks do not sleep the whole night." Entok is Muscovy Duck.

"I know. Thieves also afraid of horse, but they don't steal both. And, what the horse and entok can do? Nothing...!!" Mr. Asmad refuted Mrs. Rokaya idea.

They have arranged a schedule to secure the village. Five people were guarding the village, but none of them were able to prevent the sirap. They fell asleep when the thieves blew the sirap.

"What if we kill them, or wound them...!!" said Mr. Burhan.

"That's not a good solution. They are not alone. They have organizations. They are powerful and strong. Do you still remember what had happened on Mr. Asan? How many times the thieves troubled him. Thus, he couldn't work and couldn't live peacefully."

All were silent.

The meeting ran over the night without clear solution. However, most people made decision to raise Muscovy Duck and horse. They believed raising both will kick the thieves away. But, the Muscovy Duck made trouble at night. They were playing around and a little bit noisy. It made some people couldn't enjoy their sleeps.

Women Mystic Power

The village was so quiet. The darkness covered the night. No moon. Only view insects and the Muscovy Ducks made a little noisy. Everybody were sleeping quietly. They might got sirap or have been getting familiar with the Muscovy Ducks' noise. Nobody is awake.

Mrs. Soraya got up. She looked at the watch, it was 02.00 am. Her husband were sleeping. She looked at the room door. It was locked. She felt something strange, but she was not sure what getting strange is. She tried to make sure, wondering. She opened the door and got out of the room. "Yes, entoks. Where are they?" She didn't hear the noise of those animals. "Why are they so quiet?"

She was shocked. A man stood inside her house. The situation was so tense. "Touching him, he'll be unlucky...!!!" She remember what her grandma said several years ago. A thief will be unlucky if he's touched by a woman. Mrs. Soraya jumped over him and pushed him while shouting loudly. Her husband was shocked and suddenly got up. He got out of the room and ran to his wife.

The thief rolled over the yard. His head hit the big stone. Many people came over with much curiosity. Easily they caught the thief.

Thief Organizations and The Leaders

Mr. Karimun went to public market to sell some ducks and chickens. He drove a bicycle with cage behind. Many of his friends knew that a thief stole his ducks and chickens. Mr. Karimun smiled at them. Some of them guessed that the thief was from Karangcellep village. That village was notorious with the thieves community.
An old man neared him, "Don't be angry. Thieves are part of us. No world without thieves."

Mr. Karimun was smiling. He understood what that old man meant.

"There are three thieves communities in Karangcellep village. You should be friendly with the leaders of them. Thus, they will save you."

Mr. Karimun knew it. He did it when he lived in Coradanu village, before his former wife passed away. He share his wealth with the leaders of thieves community.


It is afternoon. Mr. Karimun had sold 10 ducks and chickens, only 2 ducks left. He relaxed with Mr. Karman under the mango tree at the corner of the market. Mr. Suhra who had sold out all his chicken came over them. "Sold out, Sir...!!" Great Mr. Karimun.

"Yes. An Arabic Man bought all."

"You're lucky," said Mr. Karman.


"Last night I heard something behind my house, near my chicken cage. It was like the voice of someone walking," Mr. Karimun and Mr. Suhra turned at him.

"It could be a thief," said Mr. Krman.

"The better, we visit the thief leader," said Mr. Karimun. "We cannot fight them. Bring something they like, regard them as friends." 

Mr. Karman and Mr. Suhra stared at him. They looked did not believe what was said by Mr. Karimun. Both were breathing deeply.

"Yeah, it's life," said Mr. Karman.

In the evening they came to the thieves' leaders houses. Three famous thieves leaders they planed to visit. They visited Mr. Dollap's house, one of thieves leader in Karangcellep village. They brought several things he liked. Mr. Dollap welcomed them with a very warm welcome. They talked about everything from one topic to another. And, finally Mr. Dollap told them to put an empty cage in front of their houses, so that his men would not steal there. It meant that they were friends of Mr. Dollap.

Mr. Karimun said to Mr. Karman and Mr. Suhra, "We should become friends of him."

By Rugyinsun (Based on Real Story)

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