The Angel Under Juliet Balcony Comes To Madura

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"Aku perkenalkan bahasa, kau bilang banyak kesenian di pulau Madura, dan pantai Lombongnya berpagar pohon cemara," (Sepotong Lirik lagu Sapu Tangan Merah oleh Yus Yunus).

"I introduced you a language, you said there's a lot of art in Madura island, and the Lombong beach was fenced by Casuarina." (The piece of song lyric The Red Handkerchief by Yus Yunus).

Debbie in Verona, Italy

The women are tearing and wiping. The wind blow so slowly. The sky looks so clear. I close my ear with earphones and listening to the song. I read the lyric which has been translated into English. The expressive song from a small island. I lean my back against the wall face to Juliet Balcony. I am surrounded by women: crying, writing, reciting love poem, recalling their happy love in front of Juliet Balcony. I am the one of them.

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Two years have passed, and I don't realize. The morning sun seems still above me. The light covers me and him. We walked together along the Lombong beach. The beauty Casuarina along freshen the atmosphere. We enjoy the beach breathing, and the tiny casuarina leaves are waving. He taught me the local language, "Be'en raddhin onggu, Lek", "You're so beautiful, Dear," He said. "Alek" is a word used by a man to call his darling or wife, "Raddhin" is "beautiful". He recited a poem using both Indonesian and Madurese (Madura language). He invited me to watch Bull Race, the traditional sport in that island.

A young man in a village. I mention him in my heart.

Daruman in Madura Island, Indonesia

I hope one day the time allow us to meet. I lock our love at the love padlock and I hang it on the branch of our casuarina. I want the wind to spread the issue. The wind will whisper you in Italy. I am sure Juliet will welcome our love with the sacred warm welcome. I'm sure we'll live together inside the happy paradise.

Bull race in Madura, Karapan sapi, short story

I am just a son of a farmer. Who am I to go to Italy to hand your love? Just this red handkerchief from you is always here forever. In your country, this color represents blood spilt in the Wars of Italian Independence, and for me it's a symbol of beauty. I am sure our love will win the war and we will occupy the beauty love land in paradise.

"Cong, be'en ta' a bekalnah? Ma' pera' ngedingagi lagunah Yus Yunus maloloh", "Cong*, don't you want to have any fiance? What you're doing just listening to Yus Yunus' song,". My Mom and my Dad always remind me to get married. In my village, I am old enough for it. Having fiance is a process before married. Parents are so happy seeing their sons or daughters having a lovely fiance. My parents want it on me.

They showed me a beautiful lady, the daughter of rich man. She is beautiful, all people know it. But, beauty is not everything. Life is not only seeing and enjoying the beauty appearance. Debbie, I am still remember the moment under Casuarina. You told me a story that your Mom used to tell you when you were a child. My heart beats hard and said in silent, "I won't let our love story like the love story in the Letter to Juliet movie". You showed me through story.

Daruman was debating with parent about the criteria of good wife. "A good wife is like her," is the only answer he had in heart.

* (used to call young man, similar to Dear)

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