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Social media is a place to act freely. Freedom is here. Look....!! A friend posted something on Facebook group. He uses a fake name: Iwant Aname. He also uses a fake profile picture: A crocodile. He wrote, "Businessman like me is more possible to succeed than an employer." His post is a little bit controversial. He might be joking. Many members in this group like joking. It's common in social media like this people hide behind fake name and fake picture.

He got three "Likes". He got one comment. Wow...!! The commentator dislikes his post. "You're arrogant, Man..!! Stupid man." He also uses a fake name: Listenme Dude. He may be an employer. He uses a bull picture as picture profile.

"Up to you," Iwant Aname replied.

"Do you think you are a brother of God?!"

"Hahahahaha... LOL. What's wrong with you?"

"It's a Facebook group. It belongs to all members. Don't post such stupid post...!!"

It is not the first time happens in this group. They feel so free to do everything on social media like Facebook. Consequences seems to be absent. All of them are like hovering over the imagination of world without limitation. Yeah, social media is free world.


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The Facebook group is more fun today. Many members posted some funny pictures: some are critical picture of government, while the rest are just funny pictures. Some members also make a serious discussion. They want to hold a great event. Good job. I'd like to involve in it.

Social media becomes more powerful. It's not only a place to heal stress during work, but also a place to share a lot of ideas.

Listenme Dude posts something, "Does anyone know where can I rent a car? I'd like to go traveling with family."

Look, another member replied. "Call Iwant Aname. You will get the best one and cheap. He is a good guy I know ever."

LOL... Are you laughing, guys? It's a life.

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