Jihadist is Not Just At War

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Million voices
All screaming
shouting loudly
They invite me

"War is holly," they said
I replied, "War is sin...!!!"
"Don't you see your brothers and sisters died?"
"I see with bright open-eyes."
"Why don't you help them?"
"I help them."
"You don't see."
Why should I go to war
why should I go there
the distance's between us
Juhaddist, Juhaddists, Juhaddist definition
I saw a child
I saw many children
They have just come to this world and face the death
They see the world and guns
"Are you sad and angry?"

Angels in Paradise are waiting for

Stop the crime
it's our duty
let's do it together
"By war?"
"Is it the only way?"
Dare to die is easy
"Dare you to live?"
To live is harder than to die, right?
Are you scared of the hardship
then you declare, "I dare to die...!!"
"Help your brothers and sisters...!!"

Do you see many children
A little baby, a little baby
They have just come to this world and face the hell
"Where is your hand? Not your blood."

This poem I dedicated to all great brothers and sisters. All of us have our own duty based on our capability. "War is holly," many brothers said it. I am so sorry, I am not with you. I see many children face the hell. They don't need our blood, they need our hand, they need our mind. They need our soul to educate them.


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