My Wise Boss Is The Best

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"I entrust all these pets to you."

"How long will you leave us, Boss?"

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"About a year."



Suleman shook his head, "Nothing."

"I want you to make all these pets healthier and fatter."

"I will do my best for them, Sir."


The Boss Mr. Angro  had gone to another country. Suleman was staring at the pets: dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, otters, chameleons, geckos, etc.

 Mr. Angro's phone was ringing. Suleman called him.

"Hello. What's going on, Suleman?"

"Sir, could I ask you what kind of foods should I give to the pets to make them fatter?"

"You have been working with me for about 10 years. You don't need to ask me such stupid question. Be creative, Man...!! You have your own head, your own mind. Use it...!! You're not a robot."

"Okay, Sir." 

He was confused actually, but he knew well his boss. He was sitting in front of the birds cage. some birds were singing while looking at him. But, Suleman was not really there, but his body only. His soul was flying around. He remembered several years ago, his boss got angry with him and beat him with a wood. Suleman did not fight him. His boss was a dreamer, but a lazy man too. He often told Suleman about a lot of things he wanted, but he wanted Suleman to make it come true.

Suleman must work based on the rule. Mr. Angro had created it. But, now he was ordered to be creative. It meant that he must think, think, and think. But if he did something wrong, Mr. Angro would punished him. "I must be creative, I must think, but I may not do any mistake," he said to the birds. "Like an angel."

Next year his Boss would come and question him about the pets. "A crazy boss. What is the purpose going to another country for a year? I don't believe him. He must lie," he talked alone. "Since his wife passed away, he looked so odd. Love often makes someone crazy. Ah, thinking about love just will make me crazy." He was silent, looking at the sky as though finding any idea.

Something whispered him, "It's easy. Just tell your boss that obesity is dangerous."

He rolled his eyes, opened widely, "Good idea."

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