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Every German noun has gender, like in French, Spanish, and Arabic. Some nouns are always masculine, always feminine, while the others are always neuter. But, the masculine noun in German is not always masculine too in its counterparts, like die Sonne-the sun (feminine) and der Mond-the moon (masculine), in Spanish la luna-the moon is feminine while el sol-the sun is masculine. German nouns are always capitalized, like das Buch, der Mann.

There are no particular signs can determine precisely what the masculine noun looks like, also the feminine and the neuter one. However, there are several signs can help you recognize the German noun genders.

The definite article of the masculine noun is der; die for the feminine; and das for the neuther one. However, there is a certain chapter to learn about definite or indefinite article. It’s rather complicated. In this article I just want to share the Noun Gender.

The nouns ending in -er are usually masculine. It’s usually nationalities (for example der Deutscher), professions, and agents (someone who does things). These are the exceptions: die Tochter, das Fenster, die Schwester, das Wetter, die Mutter, die Butter, die Feder, den Stift, den Feed, das Essen, Das Fenster, das Futter, die Schwester, das Silber, die Steuer, das Ruder, das Theater, die Tochter, das Wasser, das Wetter, das Wunder, das Wunder, den Kopf, das Messer, die Mutter, die Poker (game), das Pulver (also masc.), das Opfer, das Opfer etc.

The nouns ending in -ik are usually feminine, like die Grammatik, die Grafik, die Klinik, die Mathematik, die Musik, die Physik, die Panik. These are the exceptions: der Katholik, der Atlantik, der Pazifik, and das Pik (spade, cards). The suffix –in also indicates feminine noun such as die Architektin (masculine: der Architekt), die Lehrerin (masculine: der Lehrer), but der Harlekin, der Urin, das Aspirin , das Benzin; these exceptions are usually non-people words.

German nouns ending in –o are usually neuter, like das Auto, das Büro, das Kasino, das Konto, das Radio, das Veto, das Video, and das usw. However, these nouns are exceptions: die Avocado, der Euro, die Limo, der Zoo. There are two words for car in German: der wagen or das Auto. If referring to the brand name, it becomes der Ford, der Mercedes, etc.

Bellow are some nouns with the definite articles:
  • das Mädchen    the girl
  • der Ozean    the ocean
  • das Meer    the sea
  • die See!        The sea!
  • die Sonne    the sun
  • der Mond    the moon
  • der Garten    the garden
  • die Tür        the door
  • das Tor         the gate or portal;
  • der Tor         the fool
  • All plural nouns use die.
  • Most rivers outside of Europe are masculine (except for some ending in -a or -e)—der Mississippi, der Nil, der Amazonas.
There are some German nouns always masculine such as day, season, month,
    It is better to learn German noun with the article to make you easily recognize the gender.

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