The Legend Of Lake Toba Sumatera

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This is the legend of Lake Toba in Sumatera Indonesia.This is the story about one of Indonesian tourist destination, Lake Toba.

There was a man named Toba. He was a farmer. One morning he caught a very big fish on the river. It was a wonderful one. He has never seen before. He was so happy getting that fish and brought it home. He put the fish in the kitchen.
Lake toba, Legend, Samusir IslandWhile Toba took a bath, the fish became a very beautiful girl. She got out of the kitchen and looked around the house. Toba was shocked seeing a beautiful girl inside his house.

That beautiful girl smiled at him, "I am so sorry, Sir. I am a fish that you caught in the river."

"A fish? Are you joking?"

"No, sir. God sentenced me to be a fish, and because of you I became human again. Thank you so much, Sir."

"Ow. Okay."

She was like an angel came down from the sky. Toba stared at her. She was so beautiful. Toba fell I love with her. She wanted to marry Toba, but Toba may not tell anyone and their children that she was a fish. Toba agreed. Finally, they married and lived happily. God gave them sun and they gave him name Samusir.

Lake toba, Legend, Samusir IslandSamusir was a handsome boy. He looked so charming. Unfortunately, he was so lazy and always hungry. He didn't want to do anything. What he wanted was jut eating. Toba and his wife didn't like it.

One day his mother ordered him to bring food to farmland for his father. Samusir refused, but his mother forced him. Finally, he went to farmland brought the food. But, he stopped and ate the food. He arrived at farmland in the afternoon. It was too late. His father was so hungry.

Toba was so angry, "What a son of fish!!!"

Suddenly the sunny day became so cloudy with a thunder light everywhere. Toba was shocked and worried about what would happen. The rain fell down heavily and brought flood. The became lake (Lake Toba) and Samusir became a small isle in the middle of the lake "Samusir isle".

Lake toba, Legen, Samusir Island
That's all the story about Lake Toba. It is a great lake, one of great tourist destinations in this country. I heard the name of Lake Toba when I was a child from a song. I was really curious about this lake. It must be so beautiful. I hope one day I can visit this great Lake Toba.

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