Fable: King Camel and King Lion

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It is better to tell story to your children before his or her sleep. You can read kids short stories, animal stories, folklore. Collecting short stories or children story for your kids is a fun activity. Here I write  a story about King Camel and King Fish. This is fable.

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King Camel had just defeated lion’s king at the desert war.

King lion was so shocked. More than 5000 troops had died. There were only about 500 troops behind him. The sun remained above him. It was so hot. Camel troops looked so strong as though they had magic power. King lion even did not see any camel troops died.

“We need water, Your Majesty King Lion. We're so thirsty,” said one lion troop to King Lion.

King lion dropped his tears. “It’s unbelievable. Why did it happen on us?”

The lion troop promised to the King Lion that he will fight for the kingdom until the last drop of his blood.

The day was too hot, but it did not affect camel troops’ spirit to kill all of their enemies the lion troops. They did not need water as each of them had already drunk up to 20 gallons water before the war begun while the lion troops had no water anymore to drink. They could not stand the heat of the sun anymore.

Finally, camel troops could defeat all the lion troops and killed King Lion too.

“The evil has died!” declared King Camel.

The troops were so happy. They were singing and chanting.

The animal kingdom grew up well. They lived peacefully and prosperously with huge amount of foods.

They had everything they need. “Do we need to live in paradise? Isn’t this more wonderful than just paradise, right?” Said a camel followed by laughter.

Unfortunately, the world would never be paradise. The season changed. The trees went dry and dropped all its leaves. It was the time for the camels to take water again, but they found no water anymore on the river. King Camel was so sad. Many baby camels died because of this tough condition. He delegated four camels to go as far as they could to find water. One went to the north, another one to the west, another one to the east, and to the south.

After three weeks waiting for them, King Camel saw one of them came. He was so happy. He thought that lion brought good news.

“Your Majesty King Camel,” said that camel “I found water on the western area. That’s a very large river, so large. Unfortunately, there’s a kingdom there. The king did not allow me to take any water. The King wanted you to come there.”


“I am so sorry, Your Majesty King Camel.”

“Is that an ocean?”

“I am sorry, Your Majesty King Camel. I don’t know the name.”

“We must fight! Tell to that King, I challenge him to fight in our kingdom! I will seize his kingdom! We’ll never be thirsty anymore once we occupy that kingdom.”

The King Fish had been waiting for the camel on the wave.

“My king challenged you to fight in our kingdom.”

“What? Who needs the water? We don’t need anything from you. We have everything here. We’re rich.”

Several weeks later three camels came and brought the same news. King Camel was so angry. There was no choice, but King Camel must make a choice. He went to the ocean with His troops.

“Get out of there!!” King Camel shouted King Fish. “We fight here! I’ll kill you! I’ll seize your kingdom!”

More than 7000 Whale and shark troops were ready to fight. King Fish challenged King Camel to fight under the ocean. He was so sure to take over the Camel’s Kingdom on the desert.

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