Unique Wedding Traditions In Indonesia

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Wedding ceremonial will never stop I think. Do you think so? It is a sacred ceremony. By this a man and a woman create a family. There are many wedding traditions people have in this world. There are a lot of kind wedding dress or wedding gown. In this article, I want to tell you about some unique wedding traditions in Indonesia.

Selarian Merarik
This is a name of a ritual before wedding. It is a wedding tradition in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) Indonesia. This tradition belongs to Sasak Tribe. There are several wedding traditions there, those are Perondongan, Mepadik Lamar, and Selarian Merarik.

Selarian Merarik is the most held tradition because it is the most sacred way. In this tradition the man should kidnap the girl in a certain day and certain month which is considered good moment based on the tradition. The man does not bring the girl to his house, but he brings the girl to his family’s house.

The girl's parents then report to the village chief (this process named mesejati). Then, the village chief of the man's village come to the village chief of the girl's village. Then, they tell the girl's parent.

It is a name of wedding tradition in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. In this wedding ceremony the bride and the groom must wear wedding dress like a king. Not only the dress, but they must provide several things belong to a king in the kingdom including a human toy that has been 100 years old.

The groom must go to the bride house by riding a horse. This tradition adapted from Sigi King tradition. The purpose of this ceremony is hoping to God in order the bride and the groom get good children and blessing of God prosperity.

This tradition belongs to Javanese people in Banyumas, Central Java, the central of java island. This tradition is held at the wedding of the first or oldest son.

Begalan in English is robbery. It is not a real robbery. This ritual is held when the groom arrives at the yard of the bride's house. This is like a drama. Some people are acting as robbers. Then, they make a dialogue with humor way, dancing, and traditional music (gending). The dialogue is a wise advice to the groom and the bride about how to live a family.

Kromojati Wedding
This tradition belongs to people in Bohol, Rongkop, Gunungkidul. The word Kromo means wedding, Jati means a kind of a hard tree. In this ceremony the bride and the groom must grow Jati tree

The Bride and The Groom May Not Take A bath Until Three Days
What do you think about this? This tradition belong to Tidung Tribe in East Kalimantan. The bride and the groom may not use the bathroom for three days after the wedding. Some family members become security at the bathroom. They believe that this ritual will make their family the eternal one.

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