The Wrongdoers Know The Effect, The rightdoers Know The Effect

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This is folklore. I got it from my ex-teacher about 20 years ago. This folklore is short but meaningful.

There was a king of a small kingdom. One day he wanted to go to some place for an important business. The Queen would not follow him. It meant that the Queen would be alone at the palace. The King ordered his servant, Centongan, to accompany the queen. He was a very faithful servant. The King also ordered his security, Munimo, a very big and strong man.

The King departed.

Munimo was a betrayer actually, but nobody knew that. He had been fallen in love with the Queen. It was his chance to gratify his love. He walked into the Queen’s room. Centongan who knew that stood on his way, “Where are going? The King forbade us to get in, except the Queen orders it.”

“Get away of me!” he Pushed Centongan by his strong arm and he got into the Queen’s room.

Centongan used to recite a great sentence that he got from his ex-teacher, “The wrongdoer knows the effect, the rightdoer knows the effect”. He spelled the sentence all the time repeatedly.

Munimo often went into the Queen’s room. Centongan could not do anything. He just always said, “The wrongdoer knows the effect, the rightdoer knows the effect”. If he reminded Munimo about what he did to the Queen, Munimo threatened Centongan.

Finally, the King came. Munimo who was in the Queen’s room ran out to the King and told the King that Centongan used to go into the Queen’s room. “The Queen asked me help, Majesty,” he said to the King. The King believed what he said. “Centongan must be punished,” he said.

At that time, when someone committed a crime, the police gave him or her a letter and must bring it to the court alone. He or she will be punished at the court. He or she would be slipped into a tank that full of nail inside. Then, the tank would be glided like a wheel. He or she would die inside.

Centongan handed the letter. He went to the court while saying, “The wrongdoer knows the effect, the rightdoer knows the effect”. But, he was so hungry on the way. He stopped at a stall. All people knew the King’s servant. The seller provided him food and beverage.

“Munimo, go to the court. Make sure that Centongan has been there,” said The King.

“With pleasure, Majesty.” Munimo went to the court, but he saw Centongan was still at the stall. “Hi, Centongan…!! What are you doing here? Our Majesty has ordered you to go to the court.”

“Be patient, Friend. I am so hungry. If you want this letter arrive at the court soon, you can bring it.”

Without thinking twice, Munimo took the letter and brought it.

I hope you enjoy this folklore and get lessons from it.

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