The Lesson Of The Unlucky Donkey Story

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fable, The story of donkey

One day a donkey belong to a farmer fell down into a well. The farmer was confused what should he do to help the donkey. The donkey tried to get out from the well, but it couldn't. The farmer did not find any idea.

Finally, he thought that the donkey was too old. It was useless. And, he thought, he didn't need to help it. He decided to bury it inside the well. He ordered his neighbors to dig the soil and bury the donkey.
They threw the soil into the well. The donkey didn't know what should it do while shouting asking help. But, nobody would help it. The donkey stopped shouting and shaking his body. The soil which fell on its body fell down to the ground and the donkey step on it. As the soil getting higher, the donkey was raised up.

Finally, the donkey could jump out from the well.

*The soil is the problems in our life. Don't give up. It will raise you up.

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