The Lesson Of Three Young Men And Their Teacher

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This is folklore I got from my teacher. It is an interesting folklore and meaningful. This story tells us that love is number one.

There was a teacher. His name was Mr. Nasehat. He was a teacher. Once his three students asked his advice. They are Sogi, Taresna, and Santrean. "My Great Teacher, Mr. Nasehat," said Sogi. "I need your advice."

"What advice, Sogi?"

"I have been learning here for so long and I think it's enough."


"All of us know that many people from over the world come here to get your advice and ask you to pray for them. And, we know most of them reach their goal."

"Thanks to God."

"I really want to be a rich man, My Great Teacher."

"Good dream. Why do you want to be a rich man?"

"I think we need a lot of things in life. Everything needs money. Life will be easy if I have everything I need."

The teacher nodded and smiled at him. "Santrean, what about you?"

"My Great Teacher, I really want to have a lot of students like you."

"Why do you want to be like me?"

"All of us know that many people proud of you, they ask you to ray for them, many people respect you."

The teacher nodded. "Taresna, what about you?"

"My Great Teacher, thank you for all lessons and advice you have given to me. You led me to the very bright way. In my point of view, life will be so great with love. Therefore, I want you to give advice how to get great love and pray for me to get it."

Mr. Nasehat was smiling at him. Then, he gave those three students advice and pray for them.

Sogi, Santrean, and Taresna went home. They have finished studying to Mr. Nasehat. And, they have got what they want because of the advice and the prayer of Mr. Nasehat. Unfortunately, as a rich man Sogi was so stingy. He did not care about pure people. Santrean is the same, as a teacher he was a very cruel teacher. He did not teach his students with love. Taresna lived with a beautiful wife in a small house. They lived an ordinary life without wealth and students.

Mr. Nasehat always cared about his students. He knew how Sogi, Santrean, and Taresna live their life. He delegated one of his students to go to Taresna's house and invite him to meet Mr. Nasehat. As a great student, Taresna went to Mr. Nasehat' house soon.

"Taresna, you are a great husband."

"Thank you, My Great Teacher. You taught me that."

"By the way, do you want wealth and students?"

Taresna was surprised why Mr. Nasehat asked him that. "If you think both will make my life and my wife better, I will do my best to live with both."

Mr. Nasehat smiled at him. On the other hand, Sogi and Santrean were shocked by the reality. Their students and their wealth were going away and getting less.

Taresna became a great teacher and a very wealth person with a very beautiful wife.

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