The Legend Of Carakan, The Traditional Writing Style Of Java

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This is called Aksara Carakan or Caraka or Coroko. It is not alphabet as like in roman writing form, but it is like Japanese or Chinese characters.

There are twenty basic Syllabaries or Characters:
  • a, na, ca, ra, ka
  • da, ta, sa, wa, la
  • pa, dha, ja, ya, nya
  • ma, ga, ba, tha, nga

Those arrangements have their own meaning based on the history:
  • a, na, ca, ra, ka          means There are messengers
  • da, ta, sa, wa, la         means Both are fighting
  • pa, dha, ja, ya, nya    means Both have the same powerful magic powers
  • ma, ga, ba, tha, nga   means Both are died
A long ago there was a great man named Aji Saka, he had two students who also as his servants: Dora and Sembada. Before Aji Saka went to Medang Kamulan to kill Dewata Cengkar King who used to eat human, he entrusted his Keris to Sembada. He forbad Sembada to give the Keris to anyone.

Aji Saka defeated Dewata Cengkar King and rule the kingdom peacefully. Aji Saka remembered his keris one day, then he ordered Dora to meet Sembada to asked the Keris. Dora went to Sembada’s place to ask the Keris.

Aji Saka forgot that he had ordered Sembada not to give the Keris to anyone. Dora had met Sembada and asked the Keris. As a faithful servant and student, Sembada did not give the keris to Dora. However, as a faithful servant and student too Dora must do what had been ordered by Aji Saka.

Both were fighting. Because both had the same powerful magic power, then they were died together.

Aji Saka was waiting for Dora and Sembada. It was too long. Then, Aji Saka delegated his servants: Duga and prayoga to go to Sembada's place. Both went there, and they found Dora and Sembada died. Both came back to Aji Saka and told what had happened. Then Aji Saka remembered what had he said to Sembada when he entrusted him the Keris.

To perpetuate this incident Aji Saka arranged twenty characters to represent his regret. These twenty characters are known as Carakan.

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