Tanean Lanjhang is A Traditional House In Madura Island

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Culture, Island, Traditional houseTanean Lanjhang is a traditional house of Mauara. This is a small island in the eastern part of Java island. The language is Madura. Some citizens of east java are from Madura. They speak Madura, and the culture is also Madura.

As like in Situbondo and Bondowoso, most people are living in these districts are madura people. Some of them also have tanean lanjhang. In my hometown, Bondowoso, especially in my village, about 80% of the houses are tanean lanjhang.

Tanean lanjhang is a house consists of many houses with one terrace (tanean). It could consist of 10 houses. Usually there is one Musholla (a place for praying).

Tanean Lanjhang usually face to south and north, and begin from the west part. When their daughter get married, the parents should make a house beside his house, in the eastside, and forth until become tanean lanjhang. If the line has been too long, they build another line face to north, and begin from the west part.

As I know, in madura island, the family members consist of many generations, it could be eight generations: Father, grandfather, the father of grandfather, and forth, also from the mother. I have a cousin, the son or the daughter of my father or my mother's brothers or sisters. I also have second cousin from grandfather and grandmother, also third cousin. In my hometown stops at the third cousin, but in madura island more than that.

A son usually lives in his wife. However, there are also some daughters follow her husband.

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