Nomadic Life Of Ethnic Togutil In Halmahera Island North Maluku

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Nomadic life still exists now. One of those who live nomadic life is Ethnic Togutil. Indonesia is an archipelago. This country consists of thousand islands. There are many kinds of culture too. We want to talk about one island named Halmahera Island.

In Pleistochen era Halmahera Island was one big island, but because of natural changes, this island was divided into many small islands: Morotai Island, Hiri Island, Ternate Island, Maitara Island, Tidore Island, Mare Island, Moti Island, Makian Island, Kayoa Island, Bacan Island, Gebe Island, etc. Helmahera Island is the main island in this territory. This is also known as the oldest one, except Seram Island in Central Maluku.

Culture, Island, EthnicEthnic Togutil is living in the remote area of Halmahera Island . They are living a nomadic life, move from one area to another. Some of them are living in the north part of Halmahera Island such as in Tobelo region, in the north part are in Dodaga, Kao, Wasilei, and in the south part are in Maba and Buli.

There are several groups of Togutil. They are different, but people know them as Togutil. They even fight when they meet another group. They are distinguished based on the territory they are living. Togutil Tobelo is a group of Togutil who live in Tobelo, Togutil Kao, Togutil Dodaga, Togutil Wasilei, Togutil Maba, etc.

The government of North Maluku had tried provided them houses in order they can live like other people nowadays. In 1971 government built a residence for Togutil Dodaga near Dodaga forest in Wasilei subdistrict (kecamatan) Middle Halmahera. However, they were no longer living in that residence. They came back again to forest. The people around said that Togutil people did not like the noise of rain. They felt so noisy inside the houses when the rain fell down. Another possibly reason, they were not familiar with the life like us. They were not familiar with our dress and our food. Therefore, the nature is the most convenient place to live.

There are many resources tell about Togutil differently. Those might be right or wrong. It is because there are many kinds of Togutil tribes and they are wandering in the forest. They also change along the era.

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