Lesson From The Big Body and The Small One but Smart

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There was a little cat living on the riverbank. It used to catch fish on the river. It put the fish that it caught on the riverbank while it caught more. There was a big bear took the fish and ate all. The little cat did not know the bear. It was shocked finding the fish was lost. "Who took my fish?"

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It happened many times. Finally, the little cat knew that the bear took its fish. "Hi, you..!!!" The little cat shouted the bear.

"Are you dare to me?"

The little cat was thinking in silent "This creature is very big".

"Come on, fight..!" said the bear.

"Do you remember what happened two months ago?"

There was a typhoon blew many trees and birds at that time. The bear was safe, but its brother died. The bear remember it. "Yeah, I remembered it. Why do you ask me that?"

"It will happen again."

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yeah. All creatures know that. The tall trees will fall dawn. The tall creatures too."

"The tall creatures? Do you mean, a creature like me?"


The bear remembered its brother. "Little cat, could you help me?"

"What could I do?"

"Could you save me from the typhoon?"

"Of course, I can."


"Find the big strong tree and take the bark of the young branch."

"OK. I'll do it. Wait here."

The bear went fining both while the little cat was waiting for the bear.

"Here you are," the bear came and brought the tree bark.

"Where's the tree?"

"Over there. Come on, follow me."

Both stood up under the very big tree.

"Then, what will you do?" asked the bear.

"This big tree is strong enough. The typhoon will not be able to blow it. So that, I will tie you use this young tree bark."

"Good idea," the bear agree.

The little cat tied the bear to the big tree.

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