Kids Short Stories: Missing Frog's Leader

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Here is a great kids short stories. This is fable, a story about animal. Here is the story:

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It was a long ago when the world was too young. There was a pond near the forest. A hundred talking frogs were living there. They talked too much, so they had no any idea to talk more. Then, all of them were silent. They got bored living in a silent place, they need to be entertained.

Then they gathered and discussed about their life. The result was they need a leader. They prayed with loud voices, hope a king coming to lead them. Suddenly, A tree fell down from the sky into the pond. The frogs were afraid and ran away. They disappeared, hiding under the lotus for 24 hours.

One of them was so brave and got closer to the tree. The others were following. "A funny king," said one of them looked down on the tree. Soon they realized that the king could not lead them and they prayed again for another king.

In several minutes a white egret with a great crown on its head flew down on the edge of the ponds. "Hi Frogs, I am your king!" declared the white egret. Then it got into the pond and ate as many as frogs. The frogs ran away, but it was too late. "Why don't we lead ourselves," said one of the frogs.

The white egret was full and flew away. The frogs were so frightened until not able to spell any words. What they could say is only kodok... dododok... dododok ...

If you are finding short stories, this can be the one of your collection. If you are an English teacher or a mother who needs English story, you can use it to accompany your kids to learn English through story. The kids will learn and get the Fable Lesson.

*kodok is frog in Indonesian.

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  1. nice fable for us, good job and success for your blog

  2. Cool. I read it to my daughter, and she liked it.. now she's asking questions about the frogs.

    1. and your job now, explain her more about frog. She must be a great girl

  3. nice artikel Kids Short Stories: Missing Frog's Leader:-)