Joglo is A Traditional House in East Java

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Joglo is traditional house in many places in East Java, mostly in Ponorogo. East Java is a part of Java Island in Indonesia. This country consists of many islands and cultures. The houses are divided into three rooms: Front room (pendopo), main room, and back room. Usually, the door to the main room is decorated with sulur gelung. This decoration is used to avoid evil which will come into the house.

The front room of Joglo is used for guests, meeting, and ritual or cultural celebration. The back room consists of many rooms and kitchen. And, in the middle is the main room. Main room consists of three rooms: left room (sentong kiwo), middle room (sentong tengah), and right room (sentong kanan).

The main room of Joglo, for Javanese people, is sacred room. In this room the owner provides bed with pillow, mirror, and comb made from horn. There are also some lamps in this room which are always on night and day and a carving (ukiran). This carving has spiritual lessons.

On the left side of Joglo there is a room for the old family members. This room connected to the terrace behind. This terrace is usually used to make handcrafts. On the right side there is a kitchen, place to store rice (pendaringan), and a place for agriculture tools.

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