Gemohing Is A Traditional Culture For Togetherness

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Gemohing is a name of tradition to do something together in Lamaholot, Nusa Tenggara Timur,

Indonesia. It has been held for hundred years ago. The members of Gemohing are working while reciting Pantun (traditional poem) and traditional song.Gemohing traditional culture, Culture, cultural activity

Gemohing is conducting by people in Eastern Flores, Adonara Island, Solor, Lembata, and Alor-Pantar island in cleaning agriculture field, planting, harvesting, or building houses. While building the village hall, providing sanitation equipment, providing clean water, building road and bridge, and burying are included to village service.

The members of Gemohing are about 10 to 50 people. One family can delegate 2-5 people of their members. The members are men and women, but must be more than 15 years old. The age is not because they are to young, but it is because of the ability and the risk at work.

The old members of Gemohing like reciting poems about life while the young members reciting poems about love. They also do guessing word. They do this to make the work activity enjoyable. Some poems sometimes have magical power and make some members hypnotized or get a headache, but they may not be angry. They believe that the mercy of God does not agree with anger, revenge, fighting, etc. If anyone of them angry with another, he or she will get fined Rp 5000 - Rp 10.000.

Gemohing is also a good way for young generation to fall in love. The love comes through the poems are recited by them.

The food and beverage are provided by the owner of the agriculture field. But, some of them bring from home, so that the responsibility of providing food is not on the owner shoulder only. Human cannot live alone.

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