Funny Stories Of A Big Bear, Gecho and A Little Cat

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This is a funny jokes I got from my neighbor when I was a child. It is a great story I think, good fable. If you are searching a kids short stories, this is could be one of your collections.

Funny Jokes, kids short stories, bear, gecho and cat
The bear was very annoying. This bear always disturbed other small animals around. It took a lot of foods belong to hen, mouse, cat, etc. It did not care about others. None loved it. Many animal had tried to kill the bear, but it was so strong.

One day a little cat saw the bear ran away when heard the voice of Gecho "Tekooook, tekkooook, tekkkoooook". The little cat was so curious why the big bear ran away, "Is it afraid of gecho?" the cat said in his heart. The it smiled, "Good news."

The little cat climbed a tree and met some gecho, "Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. I am not hungry," said little cat the the gechos.

"What brings you here?" one of the gechos askekd.

"I need your help."

"What should we do for you?"

"You know the very annoying bear?"

"Yes we know."

"I saw that ear ran away when heard your voice. About three minutes more the bear will come here. I will give a sign if the bear come. When I say one, two three, then you scream out louder like usual."

"Okay. I will help you."

The cat came down and waiting for the bear. Fortunately, the bear came over the little cat. The little cat looked at the bear with a sharp strong sight. "Hi, Big Bear. I challenge you now...!!"


"One, two, three ..."

"Tekkooook, tekkkooook, tekooook, tekkooook, ..."

The bear ran away. The little cat laughed out louder. "don't ran away if you dare...!!"

The bear turned around his head and saw the little cat was laughing. "How dare that little cat is," the bear thought. "It must be a very strong cat with magic power".

The bear had never known gecho. It thought that gecho was a very big animal because its voice was like the voice of a very big animal.

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