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It was a long ago one of my distant relatives Fulan went to another town. It was not too far from our town, only about 60 kilo meters away. The people there have the same background. Our ancestors are from Madura Island. Therefore, we have the same culture speak Madura, but different accent and certain words.

Based on our tradition it is a must for us to provide foods to guests. It is not only cakes or snacks, but must be rice. Guests must eat more delicious food than what the hosts eat. If the hosts eat rice as a main course and eggs or vegetable as side dishes (something cheap), the guests must eat the more expensive and more delicious one. It can be chicken or meat.

However, the guests usually refuse to eat, even with a little force, but the hosts do not care about it. The guests are not serious, it is only a tradition. The guests want the foods, actually. Both the guests and the hosts know it. The host takes the foods and cooks some food, while some family members will accompany the guests to talk about everything, usually about economy.

When the foods are ready, the guests must eat. It is a must for us to respect the hosts. Although you have visited five houses and all of them provide foods, you must eat. How? Eat a little, so you can eat at all of those houses. It usually happens after Idul Fitri, I usually eat more than six times a day when I visited my maternal family and paternal family. Two spoons are enough at one house. Hehehe.

Fulan found something different at that time. He came from traveling actually and was hungry. He needed food. When the host wants to take the foods, he refused it. "Ow, you don't want any food," said the host and sat again on her chair. Fulan was shocked. He thought she would take the foods though he refused it, but he was wrong.

We were laughing out louder when heard he told us about that experience. An old man among us said that it was only in that village. The people have different habit. If you visit that village, do not refuse the foods if you want it.

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