Aksara Lota, A Kind Of Writing Derived From Bugis

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As an Indonesian man I have just known Aksara Lota (Lota Script), a kind of writing in my country. In my island: Java island and Madura island, there is Carakan. The form of carakan is similar to Indian writing form. I could read and write carakan when I was in junior high school.

It was yesterday after borrowing book in public library An Expedition In Nusa Tenggara Timur I found one article about Aksara Lota.

Aksara Lota was derived from Aksara Bugis that came to Ende in Goa King XIV I era. Manggarangi Daeng Manrabia as Sultan Alaudin (1593-1639) then adapted Aksara Lota with the system of the language and culture of citizen in Ende.

Lota was derived from word Lontar because this text/script was written at the lontar leaf. The texts were usually a prayer, a lesson of moral, life lesson, and the message of love to the nature.

A long ago when people conducted a ritual event, they read the traditional poems and songs that was written in Aksara Lota. They also did it when anyone of them celebrate a circumcision of their sons or celebrate their new houses. The stories of life which were written in Aksara Lota were read in order the citizen got the lessons from it. This was also to teach people to love their ancestor.

Through Aksara Lota, we know the history and the value of it, also the life lessons from the history. However, it is almost no one will use Aksara Lota in Ende. People tend to teach their children to read and write Arabic and Roman Letters.

Actually, it is not only happened on Aksara Lota. There are many traditional scripts with the culture behind lost behind the era. For instance, Carakan, this script is only taught in elementary and junior high school. Nobody use it now.

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