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  • I am studying English.
  • You are studying English.
  • We are studying English.
  • They are studying English.
  • He is studying English.
  • She is studying English.
  • It is running.


  • I am not studying English.
  • You are not studying English.
  • We are not studying English.
  • They are not studying English.
  • He is not studying English.
  • She is not studying English.
  • It is not running.
  • Are you studying English?
  • Are they studying English?
  • Is he studying English?
  • Is she studying English?
  • Is it eating?
1) Express Something Happens Right Now

  • I am eating now.
  • He is playing tennis.
  • They are working together now.
  • We are watching TV now.
 2) Express Longer Actions in Progress Now
  • I am writing a novel.
  • I am studying at that university.
  • I am learning English to become a translator.

In English, "now" can mean: this second, today, this month, this year, this century, and so on.

3) Express Actions That Happen Near Future Examples:
•    I am meeting some friends after work.
•    I am not going to the party tonight.
•    Is he visiting his parents next weekend?
•    Isn't he coming with us tonight?

4) Expresses Idea  That Something Irritating or Shocking Often HappensUsing the words such as "always" or constantly between "be" and "Ving".
  • He is always complaining.
  • They are constantly doing that.
  • She is always asking that question.

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