Your Job And The Culture Of The Institution

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Edo and Ferro are students of Berron University. Both take Foreign Language Teaching Program, and now they are in the fifth semester.

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Edo   : Hi, Ferro. Have you finished you assignment?

Ferro: Which one?
Edo   : How many assignments do you have?
Ferro: Five assignments for this week.
Edo   : Five! Oh my God...!! How many lectures do you take this semester?

Ferro: I take sixteen lectures.
Edo   : What? Are you serious? I get a headache all the night just because I take ten lectures. You're so cool. I am proud of you. Then, will you finish those assignments? It's Thursday now.
Ferro: I have finished all yesterday night.
Edo   : Wow...!! you're extremely diligent.  
Ferro: It's a must. You'll not get success without any effort.
Edo   : I agree with you. But, you know, how many seniors who were really diligent and always finished their homework, but they are jobless now. Didn't they graduate with high scores?
Ferro: (Sigh) Do you think I'll be the same?
Edo   : Oh, sorry. I don't think so.
Ferro: There's no company need lazy employee.
Edo   : Do you think our seniors were lazy? You know Haris, Seniy, Firah, Autin, etc.
Ferro: Yes I do. We used to learn together. They were diligent.
Edo   : Then, why are they jobless now?
Ferro: (Sigh) I don't know.
Edo   :  Don't you worry about that?
Ferro: (Stare at Edo)
Edo   : Sorry, if you don't like being asked about that?
Ferro: Sometimes. Sometimes I worry about that.
Edo   : Tomorrow is mystery, isn't it?
Ferro: (Sigh) Yeah, you're right.
Edo   : Some of our seniors who looked so lazy, like cheating, but they have good jobs now. I think they have great intelligent. They have a lot of strategies. By the way, do you really wanna be a teacher?
Ferro: Of course.
Edo   : What do you think about the salary?
Ferro: I think it's good enough. You?
Edo   : I like education, I like writing. But, being a teacher is not the only choice to make ends meet.
Ferro: What kind of job do you like? Will you be a journalist?
Edo   : No. Maybe translator or interpreter.

Years passed, Edo and Ferro have graduated. Both are working at the same institution as teachers.

Ferro: You're late again. You're a teacher.
Edo   : Sorry. I have a lot of jobs this week.
Ferro: Your job is teaching students.
Edo   : Not only. I must get a lot of money for my daily need.
Ferro: You get salary from this institution.
Edo   : That's not enough.
Ferro: You'll be fired.
Edo   : I don't care.
Ferro: The director planned to give punishment to the undisciplined teacher.
Edo   : What kind of punishment?
Ferro: I don't know.
Edo   : (Laugh)
Ferro: Is there something funny?
Edo   : Nothing.
Ferro: Why do you laugh?
Edo   : Happy. (Breathing) This school is like a baby. It hasn't found what should it like to be. It's still bad management, unclear vision, changeable program, etc. It's like a small kid.
Ferro: And, you're working here now. You're that kid.
Edo   : When I am here and follow the culture of this organization.
Ferro: Culture?
Edo   : Yeah. Every organization has their own culture. And, I don't know what type of culture this institution is.
Ferro: And, because of that you're not disciplined, aren't you?
Edo   : (Take a deep breath)
Ferro:  You'll be like Mr. Buraun. You'll get fired like him.
Edo   : (Smiling) he got fired not because of undisciplined, but because he could not accustom to the culture in this institution. Many people hated him, right? All of us know that. Was he really bad, or the worst one here? No. He just did not understand the culture of this new institution.
Ferro: Do you think I am the same as him?
Edo   : I didn't say so.
Ferro: (Sigh)
Edo   : All people here are happy if there's someone wants to help them. But, they don't want to look stupid, lazy, unskilled, etc. They want others to take over their responsibilities, but they want to look really cannot handle those responsibilities. 
Ferro: How can you know that?
Edo   : Are you serious asking me that?
Ferro: (Sigh)

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