Wife Exchange: The Children Are More Important

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"I still remember the wonderful white sand. We walked counting the beach length. We talked about
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our childhood. You laughed when I told you about my funny experience. You didn't tell your funny experience though I insisted you. It was not fair. How romantic that memory was." His tears dropped on his cheek. "It was a few hours after our first meeting. Then, love came."

Deeren has never guessed it will happen. He had just come from work, but it was earlier than usual. It was afternoon. It was so silent. His lovely wife usually welcomed him with a very warm welcome. However, it was a very different day. He got into his house and opened his bedroom.

It was like a thunder attacked his head. The world suddenly became upside down. He took a deep breath. He realized that it was reality. It was not a story in a romance novel. Three humans were inside the room now: Deeren, his wife, and Geerin. Geerin was a husband of Deeren's wife sister.

"My son...!!! " He called a charming little boy who was in school. "My son...!"

How hard it was for him. Nobody could measure how miserable it was. He felt like the hottest fire burnt his heart and drained all his existence. He rushed out and called Geerin's wife, Julia. "Look...!" he said to Julia, pointed to his wife and Geerin. She wanted to scream out, but she can't. She cried.

Now, all of them were silent. Deeren went out of the house. He was so confused. He went to his parents’ house. But, he backed again in the evening. He called Geerin and his wife to talk about the problem. His tears drop down his cheek.

"We've got children," said Deeren while wiped his tears. "I have promised to myself that I never let my children living with their mother or father-in-law. There's no greater love than the love of our own mother or our own father." The others were silent. "For my lovely son and my lovely nephew, I'll raise them. And, I hope you'll raise them too. Don't let others raise them."

The others were shocked to hear what he said. "What do you mean?" asked Juli, Deeren's wife.

"It maybe destiny. I let you marry Geerin. And, if you're not objected, Julia, I'll marry you."


Two years have passed. They are living together until now. They have forget all the problem.

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