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Sullaum: What are you reading?
Filuman: I read an article about German culture.
Sullaum: Will you go there? Are you falling in love with German Girl?
Filuman: No. I just want to know about German.
Sullaum: Why?
Filuman: (Sigh) I heard that German is a great country. My friend suggested me to learn German if I am interested in learning technology. German is also
the second most used language in internet.
Sullaum: Another reason?
Filuman: Nothing.
Sullaum: What is interesting of German culture?
Filuman: They are masters of planning. They will indicate you didn't plan your day if you remain stay at the office after normal closing.
Sullaum: Oh my God. I can't stand living there.
Filuman: It's great.
Sullaum: For you. The life must be very formal there.
Filuman: Yes, you're right. Only at home the individualism can shine, but only closed friends and relatives could be inside. They keep clean certain places such as sidewalk, corridors, pavements, etc.
Sullaum: You hope to have a wife like that, right?
Filuman: All men want such woman.
Sullaum: As I know German women are very beautiful, naturally thin, intelligent, independent. They eat healthier than American women. They make more money than we do. They also high self-esteem.
Filuman: Don't generalize it.
Sullaum: I see. But, I don't like living with tons of rules.
Filuman: (Laughing) Do you like living in jungle?
Sullaum: Maybe. I'll get true freedom there.
Filuman: The jungle king also has freedom to eat you.
Sullaum: I'll fight. I'll kill them. But, living in a city with most of beautiful girl is better than living in jungle.
Filuman: It's similar to our culture.
Sullaum: What?
Filuman: When you enter a room, you must shake hands with all people individually.
Sullaum: What if there are 300 people in?
Filuman: I don't know. They make a quick, firm handshake.
Sullaum: Except to a beautiful girl.
Filuman: A girl who is single.
Sullaum: They also like to get a gift from their guest. If you go there, you can bring your traditional food. But, if you'll visit a beautiful girl's house, you'd better bringing red roses. And, don't forget bring your love too, in your heart.
Filuman: Of course. You're so crazy.
Sullaum: You'll fall in love with German girl once you meet them. They'll not smile to a man, like a Muslim girl.
Filuman: Are you for real?
Sullaum: I heard that from a friend who has been living there for many years.
Filuman: Is your friend still there now?
Sullaum: Will you ask him to help you to marry a German girl?
Sullaum: Hahahaha...
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