Volunteer Opportunity In Costa Rica And Learn Spanish

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Learning English is learning to speak, that's most people perceive. Learning second language without being able to speak is nothing, they think. Therefore, spoken English can be the most important one for certain people. In learning spoken English, memorizing lots of words is not a good way. People do not understand what other people talk word by word. Thus, practice spoken English with thematic and actual topics is good. Bellow is a conversation based on what happen today. They discuss about a news they've just read on a website.

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Fredo   : Hey, will you be a volunteer in Costa Rica. You like Spanish, right? You can learn it there. It's about three months.
Firman: What should I do?
Fredo   : In the first week, you will learn Spanish at the language centre. Then, you can teach students English, and everything. You help people there to get better life. You can also get in touch with the culture. You'll get a lot of experience.
Firman: That's great. Where did you get the info from?
Fredo   : From this website http://www. idealist. org/view/volop/B95j6DWNDNcp/ You'll contribute to the future of the generation there.
Firman: Ah... Great. But, don't you know that I am just an English student. I can't speak English well. I am not a native speaker of English.
Fredo   : So?
Firman: I am not qualified for that program. Moreover, that's too far from my country.
Fredo   : Unfortunately. It's your chance to improve your Spanish. You said, Spanish is the language of love. Don't you want to master it soon?
Firman: Ah, that's only what people said.
Fredo   : Love is the greatest power, Friend.
Firman: I see. But, we must be realistic.
Fredo   : Hahahaha... I see I see...
Firman: What about you? Are you interested in it?
Fredo   : It's really great. But, you know, I am so busy with my new school. I am the only one responsible for this school after my father passed away.
Firman: Oh, I see. I really want to go there sometime.
Fredo   : I am waiting for you. We will welcome you.
Firman: I hope I could.
Fredo   : And, I hope you don't come here alone.
Firman: Do you want me to go there with all of my neighbors?
Fredo   : Hahahahaha... If it's possible, why not?
Firman: (Smiling) I need 10 planes for that.
Fredo   : Haha... I meant with your wife.
Firman: Wife? I haven't got married.
Fredo   : So, come on marry a woman.
Firman: I have no plan yet.
Fredo   : Hey, How old are you now? Come to Spain. You said Spanish women are beautiful.
Firman: That's impossible.
Fredo   : Just say, "I'm possible".
Firman: I hope.
Fredo   : Sorry, Brother. I have to leave. See you later.
Firman: See you.

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