Tourist Attractions In Tampa Bay Florida

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George  : Hi, Feerun. Would you like to visit Tampa Bay?

English For Tourism, English dialogue about Tampa bay
Bernard: Tampa bay? What's interesting there?
George  : You can visit Tampa Museum of Art, Busch Garden Tampa, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, MOSI, Tampa Bay History Center, Tampa Bay CityPASS, and The Florida Aquarium.
Bernard: Wow, that's awesome! I can play with tiger at the zoo.
George  : Of course, you can. The zoo is so amazing. There are
more than 1,500 animals including Penguins, Orangutans, Manatees, Elephants, Koalas, and much more.
Bernard: That's in Florida. Have you ever visited that place?
George  : I have been there twice.
Bernard: What about the facilities?
George  : Don't worry about it. There are food and beverage service, meeting facilities, gift shop, catering service, internet access in meeting room, restaurants, outdoor dining, breakfast, lunch, and much more.
Bernard: That sounds nice.
George  : You can go there next holiday.
Bernard: Next holiday. Will you go there too?
George  : Yes. I will go there with my family.
Bernard: With your children too?
George  : Of course. I’ve never gone anywhere alone. I always go with my family.
Bernard: Unfortunately, I haven’t got married yet. So, I must go there alone. What about the museum?
George  : The new Tampa Museum of Art, it's incredible. This museum provides collection of contemporary and classical art, expanded educational programs, and access the outdoor events in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park and Tampa's Riverwalk. There are 5 meeting rooms. Self-guided tours are available. The capacity is about 800.
Bernard: Talking about museum, I remember the woman that I told you several years ago. She was awesome. She was great. I still remember her until now. We accidently met at a museum in France. Then, we introduced each other, and talked about our childhood.
George  : Do you love her?
Bernard: (Smiling) I don’t know. But, she was so beautiful.
George  : Where is she now?
Bernard: That! I have never heard about her.
George  : You may meet her again in Florida.

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