To Find The Door Of Love

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English Conversation about love, Role Play
Furon  : Hi, Fellian.
Fellian : Hi, Furon. How are you?
Furon  : Fine. You?
Fellian : Great.
Furon  : What's the weather there? Do you have rain?
Fellian : Yes. It's raining every day.
Furon  : It's hot isn't it?

Fellian : (Smiling) Yeah.

Furon  : Do you like it?
Fellian : What?
Furon  : The weather in this city.
Fellian : Oh... Yeah, I like it.
Furon  : By the way, do you come here alone?
Fellian : (Smiling) Yeah, I come here alone.
Furon  : How many days are you gonna stay here?

Fellian : Maybe three days.
Furon  : Would you like to go somewhere?
Fellian : Yeah, I will visit many places in this city.
Furon  : Do you like beach?
Fellian : Yeah, I went there yesterday.
Furon  : Do you like museum?
Fellian : Yeah, I went there with my aunt yesterday afternoon.
Furon  : Do you like animal?
Fellian : Yeah. I will go there this afternoon with my nephew.
Furon  : (Sigh) Would you like to come to my house? (Said in his heart)

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