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The day will end again. The sun is going home. The birds are not dancing and singing any more. The wind blows slowly. As though all creatures are tired and will take a rest. Then, what about me? The nature doesn't ask me. The river is shimmer with the orange light. There are some little fish among the stones.

Then the sun, if you'd like to wait for me, I want to ask you
something. You have passed this world many times. You know all histories. And, you know what each human does, right? I met an old man. He looked so wise.

He was so strange. I want to tell you about him. I'll start from his questions. He asked me, "Young man, do you know what is beauty?"

I didn't answer it directly. "Why do you ask me about that?"

He smiled up. "There are many kinds of beauty, but only one is a true beauty."

"What's that?"

"Could you guess it?"

"A woman with a good looking. That's beauty." He might think I was blurting out.

He smiled up at me. "How can you say good looking? What does good means to you?"

That old man were getting crazy. It was not important, right? But, it came  into my mind and stayed inside. Then, I asked him to sit beside me. I spent my time to talk about beauty with him.

"Young man," I gave him a full attention. "You can see many beauty girls around you. They look ordinary, right. However, when you come to another places that you've never visited before, you'll meet another kind of beauty, another feature. It will surprise you, and you'll think that's so beautiful. Unfortunately, this kind of beauty gets faded after a certain period you get a long."

"That's not a true beauty."

She nodded. "Another beauty will you find at a comparison. There are two or more features in your sight. Then, there are two or more value comes into your mind, those are beautiful, less beautiful, more beautiful, ugly, etc. But, when all of them are separated, Those values get loss of your sight."

"That's not true beauty."

He smiled. "Another one is a value of feature that's brought by the crowd into your mind. Then, it influences you thought. However, when the crowd changes, you lose that value."

"That's not a true beauty too. Then, what is a true beauty?"

That old man went away. I don't know where he went. He got loss of my sight.

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