The Letter For Mom From A Little Labor Which is Never Sent

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Mom, I don't know how to express myself. Let me tell you without expression. Something had

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happened. It was reality. I hope you are always happy. I will never forget the moment when we were together. We play together. You hugged me and kissed me. You raised me up on air and I laughed like a flying bird. Father was a great man ever I have ever known. He was great. I always remember his smile.

The story ended.
Now I am here. I am working as a labor with a very low salary. Fortunately, my boss serves food to all employees. So that, I can live here without money. I just need a little money to buy soap and detergent to wash my body and my clothes, the rest is for you and my lovely little brother. Raise him until become a great man like father. I really want to see him grow up like the actor in Hollywood movie with a big body. I am sure you can, Mom.

However, I wish you pray for me. Living here is like the life in jungle. We live like animal, Mom. We're like slaves. Slavery is still on. Sometimes I think that it will never end. But, I believe, and maybe all human believe it, that the prayer of mom is not declined. I am sure life will change with your prayer.

Mom, we work 24 hours here. We just sleep few minutes when it's possible. There's no time to take a rest. There's no insurance in this company. My friend died in an accident. My boss didn't care about it. My another friend broke his leg. But, we help each other. We live the same lives as slaves.

Mom, I don't want you to tell others or government or other powerful person about it. I don't want. We will be jobless if this company bankrupt . You know that, it's not easy to find job. One thing really makes me sad that we don't have time to perform a prayer like we do together at home. It's not a home, Mom. It's a jungle. I just want you to tell God. I don't need any help from people outside. They will not care about it and will not able.

Mom, don't tell my lovely little brother about it. Just tell him that I am fine here.

{Adapted from real story}

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