The Lesson Of The Story Of A Clever Monkey, Cat, and Dog

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It was morning, about 9 am, on the river bank. There was none there, only a farmer sitting on the river bank. He is fishing. A cat and a dog were coming.

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Dog: He has got a lot of fish.
Cat: Yeah. I think so.
Dog: Look, he put the fish in that box.
Cat: Wow...!! He gets a big fish.

Dog: Look, there's a hole at that box.
Cat: Where is it?
Dog: At the backside.
Cat: Ah, great. It would be easy to steal it.
Dog: Would you get in and I'll be the security to look around if anyone sees us?
Cat: No. We wait until that farmer leave that fish.
Dog: He wouldn't.
Cat: Believe me, he would.
Dog: Okay.

Both were waiting. But, the farmer didn't leave the fish. A little bird which had been seeing them on the tree were laughing. The Cat and The Dog heard it. "What the hell this bird does...!" The ca said. The Cat was so angry. The dog was sleepy. "How long will we be waiting for?" it said.

Cat: Look, he's leaving.
Dog: What? Ah, great. Come on.

Both were at the box now.

Cat: What if you get in?

Dog: No. I am too big. You get in.
Cat: But, I should get more than you.
Dog: No. I should get more than you. My responsibility is bigger than yours.
Cat: No. Mine is bigger than you.
Dog: If I am not outside, who will know that the farmer come back?
Cat: (Think for a moment) Ah, you're right. Okay, I get in. But, we must get the same.
Dog: (Sigh) Okay.

The cat got inside the box. He found a lot of fish.

Cat: Wow, if I take all this fish, how great it is.
Dog: Come on, quickly.
Cat: Hah, okay!
Dog: Put inside this plastic.  
Cat: Okay.

But, it was too late. The farmer came back. The dog took a food on the box. Then, it ran away, "Ruuuuun...!!!". The cat was shocked and ran too without anything. Then, both stopped at a place.

Dog: I got it.
Cat: You must share it with me.
Dog: No. I took it by myself.
Cat: But, we worked together.
Dog: Okay. We must be fair. I'll cut it.  
Cat: No, I'll cut it.
Dog: It's mine.
Cat: Should I do the same if I get all the fish?

A monkey got down from a tree.

Monkey: What's going on?

Dog       : (Told all to monkey)
Monkey: Okay, I'll be the judge. I'll be fair.
Cat        : I agree with you.
Dog       : Me too.

Monkey took a stick of cassava. It was bigger in one side. It tied in the middle of the stick and hung it on a branch, and ordered dog to cut the food and put both pieces in both sides of the stick. "This side is bigger," said the monkey and ate a little. But it ate too much. "Oh, that side is bigger," then it ate again, but it ate too much. It did it repeatedly.

Finally, the cat and the dog realized it.

Dog: You eat it...!!!

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