Swallow's Nest Tourist Attraction of Crimea

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Fodemo  : Do you know Swallow's Nest?
Deromen: Yes I do. That's a decorative castle near Yalta. I came there last two years. That's also named The Fortress of love.
Fodemo  : What do you think about the view?
Deromen: That's really a great place, excellent view of the Black Sea and cliffs. You can see the small castle. That looked so spectacular, but you could not go inside.

Fodemo  : I also plan to go to Lavadia Palace.
Deromen: You can visit Swallow's Nest first.
Fodemo  : A friend said that that's more beautiful if we look from the seaside.
Deromen: Yeah, you're right. You can take a boat trip from Yalta. That would be very astonishing, so attractive.
Fodemo  : By the way, how old is the castle?
Deromen: It was built between 1911 and 1912 as a castle of a noble Russian.
Fodemo  : What about the accommodation?
Deromen: The accommodation is very best. You can enjoy sea views from a spectacular setting. It's only 400 meters from the beach.
Fodemo  : How much does it cost?
Deromen: It's about $ 200.00 per night including all taxes. In April to September is cheaper. It could be only $ 160.00.
Fodemo  : What about the food?
Deromen: You can enjoy breakfast with fresh fruit, yoghurt, muffins, milk, cereals. You can enjoy it while watching the ferry boat.
Fodemo  : Great.
Deromen: By the way, will you go there alone?
Fodemo  : Will you join me?
Deromen: No. I am busy. Why don't you ask Dina?
Fodemo  : Her parents won't allow her.
Deromen: So, you're alone, and fine a girl there.
Fodemo  : I don't think so.
Deromen: (Laugh)
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