Meeting A Beautiful Woman Of A Gulf States in Thailand

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Reiko  : Hi, where do you come from?

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Sholan: I come from Bangkok.
Reiko  : Wow, Thailand. What were you doing there?
Sholan: Nothing. Just traveling, enjoying the scenery of Thailand.
Reiko  : Great. Did you have a good time there?
Sholan: Of course. Listen, I met a wonderful woman. She was an angel of Gulf States.
Reiko  : The angel from Middle East.
Sholan: Yes. She was so beautiful.
Reiko  : Could you speak Arabic?
Sholan: She could speak English. We talked about everything.
Reiko  : What were you both talking about?
Sholan: I will not tell anyone about it, except my best friend.
Reiko  : Yeah. I always share everything with you.
Sholan: We talked about our interests, our culture, our hobby, our family, our closed friend, etc.
Reiko  : Did you tell her about me?
Sholan: Yes. I told her that I have a crazy friend.
Reiko  : What?!
Sholan: (Laugh) Just kidding, Brother.
Reiko  : What about the beach there?
Sholan: You can enjoy the beauty of crystal blue beaches. You can enjoy other tourist attractions such as great food, thick jungle, cheap beach front bungalows, and the luxurious hotels in the world.
Reiko  : Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. I really want to come there.
Sholan: Come. You’ll have incredible moment.
Reiko  : Later.
Sholan: You like beach scenery. You can come to Ko Tarutao. It is a great island in southern Thailand. You can see monitor lizards, sea turtles, crab-eating macaques, whales, mouse deer etc.
Reiko  : Wow, that’s awesome. You show me the paradise of the world.
Sholan: Talking about paradise, people will remember the beautiful angel, isn’t it?
Reiko  : (Laughing) You’re right. Did you meet that Arabian girl in that place?
Sholan: No. I met her in The Grand Palace while I enjoyed the architectural styles of it.
Reiko  : By the way, will you marry her?
Sholan: Do you think it’s possible?
Reiko  : Why do you ask me? Ask your heart.
Sholan: Wah, you’re like a poet.
Reiko  : Yeah, it’s me. Why don’t you go to Middle East to meet her?
Sholan: That! I am thinking about it.

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