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Most people said that Spanish is a language of love. It is a romantic language. Are you interested to learn Spanish online? I will share you here. The same as in English Spanish has tenses, but it’s more complicated. However, don’t worry about it. Learning a language is not hard as creating it.

There are three categories of verbs in Spanish. You can see the difference in the last two letters of the infinitive form:  

-ar (enviar – to send, hablar – to speak, andar – to walk)
-er (comer – to eat, aprender – to learn, beber – to drink)
-ir (recibir – to receive, abrir – to open, escribir – to write)

In English we have to speak, to eat, to open, etc. we use to before the verbs. In Spanish we use –ar, -er, and –ir in the end of the verb.
Here is how to use it with subjects or to conjugate those verbs in present tense:
andar – to walk
yo ando – I walk
tú andas – you (informal) walk
Ud. anda – you (formal) walk
él/ella/ anda – he/she walks
nosotros andamos – we (masculine) walk
nosotras hablamos – we (feminine) walk
vosotros andáis – you-all (masculine) walk
vosotras andáis – you-all (feminine) walk
Uds. andan – you-all (formal) walk
Ellos – they (masculine) walk
Ellas – they (feminine) walk

yo aprendo – I learn
tú aprendes – you learn
él/ella/Ud. aprende he/she/you learn(s)
nosotros aprendemos – we learn
vosotros aprendéis – you-all learn
ellos/ellas/Uds.                Aprenden – they/you-all learn

yo abro – I open
tú abres – you open
él/ella/Ud. abre – he/she/you open
nosotros abrimos – we open
vosotros abrís – you-all open
ellos/ellas/Uds.                abren – they/you-all open

Now you can practice by yourselves using these verbs:
bailar – to dance
estudiar – to study
preguntar – to ask
buscar – to look for
firmar – to sign
preparar – to prepare

romper – to break
comprender – to understand
leer – to read
temer – to fear
correr – to run
meter en – to put into
vender – to sell

sufrir – to suffer
decidir – to decide
omitir – to omit
unir – to unite
describir – to describe
partir – to divide
vivir – to live

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