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To understand English speaking, you must be familiar with the sound of English words. To get familiar, you must do it step by step. For the first time you can try by listening to simple word with clear pronunciation and slow. To help you do that, I provide some slow motion movie scene with the subtitle. You can listen to it while checking the subtitle whether the words you listen to are correct or not. Here are the videos: It's Albert Einstein Movie.


Albert: So you see, I proved that gravitation is a force whereby any two bodies attract each other in proportion to the product of their masses and inversely as the square of the distance between them, Mom.
Mom  : You mean what goes up must come down?
Albert: Yeah.


Albert: Sorry about the roof, Dad.
Dad   :Don't worry about it, son. I've got a job for you. Now, do you know what I'd like you to do with this valley, Albert?
Albert: What, Dad?
Dad   :Dam it!
Albert: But if I dammed it, I'd drown all the wildlife.
Dad   :Yep, in one go.
Dad   :Dad, I'm a pacifist.
Albert: I believe that all living things should be able to exist together in harmony.
Albert: So you see, Dad, I want to be a physicist.
Dad   : What do they grow, son?
Albert: Physicists don't grow anything.
Dad   :  What's the use of them, then?
Dad   :  They study the basic laws and the principles of the universe. You can study the basic laws and principles of the universe in the evening, after you've done the washing up.


Albert: Where are we going, Dad?

Dad   : Granddad's shed. It was your granddad's wish. That’s an Einstein would carry on the work that he began.
Albert: What work, Dad?
Dad   :  You'll find out soon enough, son.
Albert: Wow! Granddad built a scientific laboratory in here.
Dad   :  Shut the door, son. This is it, Bert. The thing that will put us Einsteins into the history books.
Albert: Beer. What is beer, Dad?
Dad   :  The secret of brewing beer is an Einstein tradition. My father taught it to me. He taught it to his father, and his father to his father's father. Sit down, Bert. The problem is, as is with the problem with all beer is that it lacks bubbles.
Albert: Well, why don't you put bubbles in it?
Dad   :  Try as it may mankind has never succeeded in putting bubbles in beer. The person who succeeds will change the world forever.

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