Kampala: Tourists Must Avoid Buying From Hawkers

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Barhanu: I heard you wanna go to Uganda. Will you visit Kampala?
Sururun : Yeah. Next three days.

Barhanu:  Becareful, you may not buy something to hawkers. 
Sururun : Why?
Barhanu: You'll be sent to the jail.
Sururun : What are you talking about? Are you for real?! Why?

Barhanu: I read an info on website that at least a dozen people were arrested for buying items from hawkers.
Sururun : That maybe hoax.
Barhanu: You maybe right, but if you're wrong, you'll take the risk. Some hawkers are still operating.

Sururun : What's the reason?

Barhanu: I don't know. You can ask people there the detail about it.
Sururun : Ah, I don't believe it.
Barhanu: Up to you. 
Sururun : I am really interested in that place. I really want to visit Lake Victoria in Kampala.

Barhanu: What is interesting  there?
Sururun : There's a hill named Kasubi hill. This hill is the home of Kasubi Tombs, a sacred burial ground of Guganda Kings.
Sururun : Ah, I see. That's your dream to be a historian.
Barhanu: (Smiling) I also want to visit The Uganda Museum, the biggest and the oldest one in Uganda.
Sururun : How many times have you gone there?
Barhanu: Never. But, I read and heard a lot about that great place.
Sururun : How long will you be there?
Barhanu: Maybe a week.
Sururun : Don't forget to bring me something, huh...
Barhanu: Yeah, I promise.
Sururun : Are you gonna there alone?
Barhanu: Yes. I like to go somewhere alone.
Sururun : I think you'll go there with someone.
Barhanu: No.

Sururun : Okay. I have to leave. I'll go to library.
Barhanu: Could you help me?
Sururun : What?
Barhanu: I need a book History of China. Could you borrow it for me?
Sururun : Sure. Okay. Bye.
Barhanu: Bye.
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